Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as "Mitsubishi Power") are engaged in the sale and after-sale service of gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers and Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) around the world, and we make it possible for customers to purchase and/or use our products/after-sale service (hereinafter referred to as "Mitsubishi Power Products") with confidence that Mitsubishi Power Products do not infringe third party intellectual property rights.

As part of this, we respect the intellectual property rights of other parties and comply with the Global Code of Conduct which prescribes our compliance policy.
In addition, we have applied for and hold numerous patents and other intellectual property rights worldwide in order to legally protect our interest in Mitsubishi Power Products and their technology.

Mitsubishi Power will take resolute measures against infringement of our intellectual property rights. We are engaged in various activities such as injunction against the manufacture/sale of infringing products, injunction against import and export, claims for damages, and education to raise awareness of possible infringement activities through cooperation with relevant authorities throughout the world. The infringement of intellectual property rights includes not only manufacture and sale of infringing products, but also the import, export and use of infringing products without permission of the intellectual property rights' owner.

We will continue to respect the intellectual property rights of other parties and rigorously promote activities to ensure that other parties respect our intellectual property rights as well.