Digital Solutions TOMONI


TOMONI is suite of digital solutions.
TOMONI means “together with” in Japanese. Mitsubishi Power' digital service is collaborating with customers.
It is connecting person with person, person with company and company with society.
All entities enjoy the benefit derived from TOMONI.

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TOMONI Digital Solutions

TOMONI covers wide range of plants from power generation to industrial use.
TOMONI can be customized to work with customer's existing platform to provide benefit of O&M Optimization, Performance Improvement and Flexible Operation.
Through communication with customer, Mitsubishi Power can provide most suitable solution to your business by packaging from 3 pillars of solutions.


TOMONI Value Creation Process

TOMONI provides monitoring to collect, analyze data to generate actionable insights. The result is interpreted and implemented in O&M support enabling shorter planned outage as well as better plant availability. In addition, advanced O&M make it possible that the plant can extend maintenance interval as well as performance optimization and improvement. Consequently, Mitsubishi Power aims to develop fully autonomous operation of power plant.