Upbringing of the Next Generation

Mitsubishi Power makes the best use of its unique charactersitics in "the heart of manufacturing" and "the arts of science and technology," and implements activities that give hope to children as the leaders of tomorrow.

This section introduces activities performed by Mitsubishi Power to foster the development of next generations.

Mitsubishi Power takes part in and runs various events including science classes and hands-on experience activities.

Science Fair for Junior and Senior High School Students from Kanagawa (Yokohama City)

Mitsubishi Power takes part in Sience Fair for Junior and Senior High School Students from Kanagawa, which is an event organized by Kanagawa Prefecture to encourage junior and senior high school students to pursue higher studies in science and technology. Mitsubishi Power makes use of hand-made models to explain the process of power generation in a straightforward manner.


Takasago Summer Vacation Kids Classes (Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Mitsubishi Power takes part in Takasago Summer Vacation Kids Classes (for elementary school students in Takasago City), which is jointly run with companies in Takasago City as part of an after school child planning promotion project by the Takasago City Youth Development Section. Mitsubishi Power runs tours of the Takasago Works and provides classes on power generation.


Accepting Students for Work Experience as Part of "Toraiyaru · Week" (Note) (Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Each year Mitsubishi Power fields requests from junior high schools and accepts second-year junior high school students for workplace experience activities. The students get to take part in various activities they cannot usually experience in school, such as a workshop on preparing technical drawings, a paperweight-making session, and a class offering hands on experience with safety.

  • "Toraiyaru-Week" is an experience-oriented activity run for second-yjunior hiear gh school students in Hyogo Prefecture since 1998.

Participation in "Kure Eco Festa" Experience-based Environmental Awareness Raising Event (Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Mitsubishi Power takes part in the event organized by Kure City with the joint participation of around 20 companies, and runs environmental classes and other activities in its booth.


Welding Demonstrations for Students (Nagasaki City)

Mitsubishi Power offers demonstrations of three types of welding technologies and provides classroom instruction for students from technical high schools and other institutions in the prefecture. Against a backdrop of experienced engineers retiring or getting older, the initiative has been run in earnest since 2008 with the aim of encouraging younger generations to take an interest in the plant and manufacturing in general, leading to the development of future human resources.


Mitsubishi Power Helps Develop Next Generations through Sports Support Activities.

Kizuna Cup Soccer Tournament for Elementary School Students

The Kizuna Cup soccer tournament for elementary school students has been organized by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 2008.

Regional qualifiers are held in the regions where Mitsubishi Power works are located as teams compete for a place in the finals, resulting in hotly contested matches each year.


Baseball Class (Yokohama City)

The Mitsubishi Power Baseball team has run baseball classes for elementary school students since 2008. Since 2011, the team has coordinated with the Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education to hold baseball classes for junior high school students.

Team members offer careful instructions during fielding drills, batting practice and more.


Mitsubishi Power Supports the Development of Female Engineers through the Mitsubishi Power Mirai Scholarship.

With the aim of supporting the development of female engineers who will achieve global success in the fields of energy and the environment in the future, Mitsubishi Power established the Mitsubishi Power Mirai Scholarship through donations to the scholarship program run by Japanese Educational Exchanges and Services (JESS). The Mitsubishi Power Mirai Scholarship is a non-loan scholarship designed to support female science students with promising futures. Female university students (of any nationality) in the first year of a master' s course majoring in science or engineering subjects (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, chemistry, etc.) at a Japanese university are eligible for the scholarship. As conditions, students must be motivated to achieve global success in the fields of energy or the environment as a future scientist or engineer, and take part in an internship offered by Mitsubishi Power. Eligible applicants are selected in conjunction with JESS, with the provision of scholarships commencing from 2016.