Local Contribution Activities

We base activities on the characteristics and culture of each region and contribute to Local development and environmental improvements.

This section introduces the local contribution activities pursued by Mitsubishi Power.

Voluntary Clean-up Activities by Employees

Clean-up Activities Around Each Works

Mitsubishi Power Employees perform clean-up activities around their works.


Clean-up Activities in Umino-Koen Park (Yokohama City)

Many employees and their families gather each year to perform activities to clean up the beach and the park.


Together with Local Communities

Event to Run Together with the Mitsubishi Power Marathon Club (Nagasaki City)

Mitsubishi Power holds an athletic meet for runners from elementary, junior high and high schools and citizens. The members of the Mitsubishi Power Marathon Club accompany and coach the participants.


Tours of Nagasaki Works for the Citizens (Nagasaki City)

Held in conjunction with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works, Mitsubishi Power Nagasaki Works runs tours of its power generating turbine plant for members of the citizens from Nagasaki Prefecture and elsewhere.


Takasago Hamakaze Relay Road Race (Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture)

The relay race is organized by the Takasago Future Research Society (Note). Many runners take part in the event each year, which splits the more than 300 teams into two sections.

  • The Takasago Future Research Society was formed in 2009 as a place to exchange opinions to seek out the revitalization of Takasago City by combining the forces of government and the private sector. The organization is made up of the Takasago City government, Takasago Chamber of Commerce and nine companies with plants along the coast in Takasago.

Joint Management of Traffic Safety by Group of Coastal Companies Inside Takasago City (Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture)

A group of coastal companies inside Takasago City has been calling on local companies to observe traffic safety since 2009. The Takasago Police and various local groups have also expressed interest in the activity and taken part.


Hitachi Summer Festival (Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

The Hitachi Summer Festival is held by Hitachi Works in conjenction with Hitachi, Ltd. It attracts employees along with many local residents.

The exciting event includes a "Great Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition" with the chance to win luxurious prizes, stalls by the local community (in a section dubbed Genki ("Cheerful") Village), and a finale that involves launching around one-thousand fireworks.