EPC Business

New thermal power generation facility conceived and achieved under EPC project management

Mitsubishi Power operates a "EPC project management business," responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction and post construction processes involved in bringing many of the world's power generation plants online.

EPC handles everything from engineering, procurement and construction.

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    EPC engineers develop a design, layout and specifications for the entire facility, including major equipment such as boilers, turbines, and generators, along with the control systems and piping.

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    The next phase of the project is the procurement of materials, components, and equipment from partner companies from around the world. These partner companies provide safe onsite delivery of project elements within strictly controlled time and cost parameters.

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    Employing highly skilled managers and crew, we provide construction services for the facility' s foundations and buildings plus installation of the power generation equipment and systems. Additionally, commissioning work of the facility is conducted and operators are trained, so the plant can be ready for full operation by the client.

Finely tuned management essential for smooth operation

Bringing a mammoth project to successful completion

In EPC projects, an army of people marshals resources over a long period of time. Our commanding role covers designing the thermal power plant, manufacturing the main equipment, building on the site, and testing the facility. Success can be measured in how expertly we coordinate various business sections inside and outside the company and accommodate customer requests.

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Project management capability backed by an extensive track record

The EPC business requires meticulous management to respond appropriately to the changing situation surrounding a project. We execute projects steadily with sophisticated project management capabilities, backed by our experience of successfully completing a number of EPC projects. With our project manager playing the leading role, we coordinate all customer requests and multiple partner companies, avoid potential risks, and control cost and schedule.

Moreover, we seek further improvements in the efficiency of the project by centralizing information with ICT.