Privacy Policy

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Maintenance Service Co., Ltd., ("the Company") recognizes the importance of the personal information it handles during the course of its business activities, and it exercises great care to do so in a responsible manner. The Company has published the following Privacy Policy addressing its handling of personal information.

  1. The Company does not obtain personal information by means of fraudulent or illegitimate means.
  2. All use of personal information by the Company is defined by a clearly stated purpose, and that use is limited to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose as reported to the owners of the information and/or published publicly.
  3. The Company strives to maintain the accuracy and precision of the personal information in its possession.
  4. The Company takes steps as necessary and appropriate to manage the safety of the personal information in its possession.
  5. The Company offers guidance and supervision as necessary and appropriate to businesses and outside contractors to which it outsources handling of the personal information in its possession.
  6. As a rule, the Company does not disclose the personal information in its possession to third parties without the consent of the owners of that information.
  7. As a rule, the Company will, within reasonable limits, respond to inquiries from the owners of the personal information in its possession concerning subjects such as the purposes for which personal information is used and the nature of information maintained.
  8. The Company accepts complaints about the handling of the personal information in its possession and strives to resolve them in an appropriate and prompt manner.
  9. The Company had adopted a series of self-imposed rules concerning the protection of personal information and established a management system in order to ensure that the above personal information is handled in an appropriate manner.
  10. The Company strives to improve its personal information protection system on an ongoing basis by regularly inspecting the manner in which personal information is handled and reviewing and improving associated internal rules, including this Privacy Policy.
  11. The Company complies with all Japanese laws and standards that apply to the personal information it handles.

Please see below for more information about the purposes for which the Company uses personal information, the specific manner in which it handles this data, and how to contact the Company with inquiries or other communications.

1. Use of Personal Information

The Company will acquire and use personal information only as needed for its business performance according to its business purposes.(See the Section 6.) The business purposes of personal information are:

  1. Applying for business transactions with customers and business partners, verifying the identities of customers and business partners, studying and judging business transactions, entering into contractual agreements, and carrying, managing, and terminating contracts and following up on terminated contracts
  2. Notifying customers of improvements to the products and services provided to them by the Company and of related products and services; replying to inquiries and other communications
  3. Verifying and initiating inquiries about products and services provided by business partners
  4. Applying for and verifying participation in exhibitions, seminars, and other events; contacting instructors; reporting results and other information to individuals who have cooperated with or participated in research and events; additionally, verifying the identities of visitors to the Company and their arrival at Company sites
  5. Contacting members and other personnel of groups to which the Company belongs and providing information from the Company that aligns with those groups' activity goals
  6. Sending Company publications to individuals who wish to receive them and sending emails to individuals who have signed up for the Company's email list
  7. Contacting staff at research institutes and other facilities as part of the Company's research and development activities, carrying out the activities listed in (1) above in connection with joint contracts and contract research agreements, participating in scientific societies, recommending people for awards offered by scientific societies; additionally, applying for patents with joint applicants and managing associated patent applications
  8. Contacting journalists, analysts, and other individuals as part of the Company's advertising activities
  9. Processing applications as part of the Company's hiring/recruiting activities, contacting applicants, notifying applicants of results, etc.
  10. Contacting certified public accountants, attorneys, and patent attorneys as necessary as part of the Company's business activities
  11. Contacting staff at subsidiaries and affiliates in order to carry out activities other than those listed above, etc.
  12. Issuing notifications from the Company to retirees; additionally, contacting families of Company employees
  13. Exchanging information as necessary when entering into contracts with and conducting operations with contract employees, part-time employees, temporary employees, and part-time workers
  14. Carrying out contracted operations involving personal information provided to the Company so that it can engage in contracted operations within the scope of its business objectives
  15. Notifying customers and others of useful information from the Company and the MHI Group in connection with the purposes of use listed above

The Company may, with the consent of the owners of the information and to the extent necessary in order to achieve the purposes of use listed above, provide personal information to or outsource handling of personal information to third parties or make joint use of personal information with third parties such as Group companies.
(See "4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties" below.)
When acquiring or using personal information for purposes other than those listed above, the Company takes steps to notify the individuals in question or publicly disclose the details.

2. Possession of Personal Information

The Company maintains personal information including the name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, gender, age, organizational affiliation, departmental affiliation, and title/position of its customers, business partners, and other individuals in order to achieve the purposes of use listed in 1 above. The Company does not acquire or store personal information not needed to achieve those purposes of use.

3. Personal Information Management

The Company takes steps as necessary and appropriate to manage the safety of the personal information in its possession, and it strives to keep that information accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, it discards personal information whose use has ended under the purposes of use in a prompt manner using appropriate methods.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

With the exception of the following, the Company does not provide personal information in its possession to third parties without the consent of the owners of the information:

  1. When the Company has notified the individual in question in advance or when the individual in question can easily obtain knowledge of provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information when the Company is halting the provision of personal information that could be used to identify the individual in question to third parties at the individual's request
  2. When outsourcing the handling of personal information, either in whole or in part, to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the Company's purposes of useNote:In this case, the Company will enter into a nondisclosure agreement with the involved outside contractor(s) and exercise supervision over their operations as necessary and appropriate.
  3. When using personal information jointly with a specific entity such as a Group company to the extent necessary to achieve the Company's purposes of use.Note:In this case, the Company will notify the owner of the information or ensure that he or she can easily discover the fact that the individual's personal information will be used in a joint manner along with the specific information that will be used jointly, the scope of the joint users, the purpose of use of the joint users, and the name of the joint user that will be responsible for management of the information.
  4. When disclosure is otherwise recognized by law

5. Contact for Personal Information

Company departments that acquire personal information accept requests for notification of the purposes for which that information is used, disclosure of personal information held by the Company, revision or cessation of use, and other actions (requests involving personal information) as well as complaints and other communications about the handling of personal information. (Since you will need to fill out a variety of required information on a request form and submit valid ID, the Company will send you this request from.) If you are unsure which department at the Company acquired your personal information, general inquiries about personal information may be directed to the following:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Maintenance Service Co., Ltd.
2-8-25 Shinhama, Arai-cho, Takasago-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 676-0008
Phone +81-79-445-9810

6. Object

Please see the organizational chart for more information about the Company's businesses.

How to Handle Personal Information on the Website

1. Security in obtaining personal information

When acquiring personal information from its website, the Company protects the integrity of that information by encrypting communications using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other technologies. A standard technology for ensuring the safety of communications on websites, SSL prevents monitoring of communications by encrypting entered data before it is sent via the Internet.

Please note that you may not be able to access pages using SSL from browsers that do not support SSL or from corporate networks that have been configured with certain firewall or other settings.

2. Collection of Browsing History

The website may use access logs and a technology known as cookies in order to improve the usability of the website and to capture browsing history data. Information gathered in this manner is only used to compile and analyze statistical data in order to improve the usability of the website, assess how the website is used, and plan and improve services.

While access logs include users' IP addresses and certain data about the computing environment in which they are using the website, that information cannot be used to identify particular individuals.

You can configure your browser so that it rejects cookies or warns you before accepting cookies. You can continue to use the website if you configure your browser to reject cookies, but you may be unable to use certain services on the Website.


The Company can neither guarantee nor be responsible for the safety of your personal information on websites operated by other companies to which links are provided on its website. Questions and inquiries concerning the handling of personal information should be directed to the respective operators of those websites.