Mitsubishi Power in Australia

Mitsubishi Power in Australia

Mitsubishi Power supports Australia’s energy sector by delivering solutions to generate clean and reliable power for the country. 

We delivered our first equipment – a steam turbine – in Australia at the Collinsville Power Plant in Queensland in 1969. Since then, we have installed over 50 gas turbines, steam turbines, and boilers, and currently account for close to 5,400 MW of power generation capacity across the country. 

Today, we continue this legacy of providing best-in-class power generation technologies to our customers in Australia. When it begins commercial operations, the Hunter Power Project in New South Wales will be home to two of our M701F gas turbines – among the most efficient in the world – and will have the potential for up to 15% hydrogen co-firing. This project supports Hunter Power’s investment in 1.5 to 2GW of renewables, equivalent to 160,000 household solar installations.

Executive Message

Kiyohito Fujie Managing Director and CEO Australia

Mitsubishi Power has long been a leader in providing solutions to generate clean and reliable power. Constant innovation is at the heart of our success, and we are improving technologies to meet society’s constantly evolving energy demands.

Australia’s energy sector itself is undergoing significant change, with the country aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. My team and I at Mitsubishi Power stand ready to support this endeavor with our decades of expertise in the market and our state-of-the-art power generation technologies which can accommodate zero-carbon fuels like hydrogen and ammonia. 

I invite you all to partner with us on this journey towards net zero emissions in Australia.

Kiyohito Fujie
Managing Director & CEO 
Mitsubishi Power Australia


  • High Efficiency Gas Turbines High Efficiency Gas TurbinesOur reliable and efficient gas turbines provide flexibility to Australia’s power grid. We currently service eight gas turbines installed across five power plants in the country. Soon, this list will include the M701F gas turbines in the Hunter Power Project which were ordered by Snowy Hydro Limited in 2021.
  • Advanced Class J-Series Gas Turbines Advanced Class J-Series Gas Turbines Our flagship J-Series leads the world in natural gas-firing efficiency at over 64%.  When installed as part of a combined cycle plant, these turbines can reduce carbon emissions by up to 65% when compared to coal-fired power plants, delivering cleaner power at scale. To date, these turbines have achieved over 2 million actual operating hours, with the Air-Cooled variant surpassing 8,000 hours.
  • Ammonia and Hydrogen Co-Firing Ammonia and Hydrogen Co-Firing We have developed technologies which can co-fire with ammonia or hydrogen for power generation. These gas turbines and boilers allow power producers to introduce cleaner fuels into the energy mix as they work towards carbon neutrality in the country.
  • Services: Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)g Operations and Maintenance (O&M)Effective O&M is essential in ensuring that power plants run smoothly and with minimal downtime. We work closely with the likes of Downer Mitsubishi Hitachi (DMH) to provide O&M services which ensure availability and optimal performance of power plants around Australia. 

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