Mitsubishi Power in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Power in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Power plays a pivotal role in Bangladesh’s energy ecosystem through the delivery of electricity to the country with solutions like gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plants, long-term maintenance services and TOMONI HUB, our Analytics and Performance Center.

With a local office set up in 2019 to enable better collaboration, our team of professionals works closely with local power providers and communities to ensure reliable power delivery and drive the country's economic growth and industrial development. We continue to deliver industry-leading technologies and form new local partnerships in support of Bangladesh’s transition to cleaner energy and decarbonization while maintaining energy security, accessibility and affordability. We are dedicated to creating “Power to build a brighter sonar Bangla”.

Executive Message

Takanori Mochizawa, General Manager of Bangladesh Branch, Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific

Our commitment to Bangladesh has remained strong since 1960: To provide reliable and stable power to serve the people in the country.  

Since the delivery of Mitsubishi Power’s first steam turbine to Bangladesh over 60 years ago, we have kept to our mandate and are responsible today for approximately 20% of the country’s total energy production capacity, providing state-of-the-art gas turbines to five major power plants across the country.

These combined cycle power plants utilize our highly efficient and reliable F-Series gas turbines and other world-class power generation equipment. The power plants are complemented by after-sales and operations and maintenance (O&M) services and our suite of intelligent solutions, TOMONI® - all crucial to ensuring that plants remain efficient and support a constant supply of electricity across the country. . 

As Bangladesh works toward decarbonization, we are excited to introduce the most efficient and environmentally friendly J-Series gas turbines along with cutting edge industry solutions that can support cleaner fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia. It is with great anticipation that we continue to chart the future of energy in Bangladesh together with its people and communities.  

Takanori Mochizawa
General Manager of Bangladesh Branch
Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific



  • Large Scale Gas Turbines High-Efficiency Gas Turbines Our highly reliable, efficient and flexible F-Series and H-series gas turbines support Bangladesh’s power grid at six power plants across the country. Our M701F gas turbine was installed in Haripur as the first large-class gas turbine in Bangladesh and one of the most efficient and reliable in the country since 2001.
  • J-Series Gas Turbines Advanced Class Gas Turbines Our J-Series gas turbines lead the world in natural gas-firing efficiency at over 64%, delivering large-scale output and low-cost power to citizens. With over 1.5 million hours of commercial operation globally, they have achieved industry-leading reliability at 99.5%. Our J-series gas turbines when installed as part of a gas turbine combined cycle plant, reduces carbon emissions by up to 65% when compared with coal-fired power plants.
  • Ammonia Ammonia and Hydrogen Co-firingOur J-Series gas turbines can already support up to 30% hydrogen co-firing today, with 100% hydrogen-firing capabilities projected for 2025. In tandem, we are working to equip our H-25 series gas turbines to support 100% ammonia firing by 2025. These technologies enable further reduction of carbon emissions and a smooth transition to a carbon-neutral Bangladesh.
  • Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) After Sales Services Our after sales services are essential to ensuring that power plants perform at their best. Beyond the delivery of industry-leading equipment, we have Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA) at the Haripur Power Ltd., North West Power Generation Company Limited (NWPGCL) Sirajganj S4, NWPGCL Bheramara and EGCB New Haripur Combined Cycle Power Plants, to support the maintenance and optimization of plants across the country. Our decades of experience enable us to support the stable delivery of power.
  • TOMONI<sub>®</sub> Intelligent Solutions TOMONI® Intelligent Solutions Our suite of intelligent solutions, TOMONI®, is enabled by AI, machine learning and advanced analytics to solve unique power plant optimization challenges and develop smarter power plants for the future. Supported by round-the-clock monitoring from our analytics and performance center, TOMONI HUB, projects equipped with TOMONI® can deliver financial and environmental benefits through the optimization of maintenance procedures, ramp-up processes and other aspects critical to plant operation. These smart systems are installed into the New Haripur, Bheramara and Sirajganj S4 Combined Cycle Power Plants.
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Our BESS solutions enable stable supply of power as Bangladesh moves to gradually incorporate more renewable energy sources onto the energy grid. Since 2011, we have been working on BESS solutions to help countries transition to cleaner energy and have amassed orders globally totaling over 1GWh worth of energy storage. Through the storage of excess renewable energy in lithium-ion batteries, power producers will be able to better adapt to seasonal shifts and changes to energy demand needs of the country.

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