1961 The Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation initiated development of the FT4A gas turbine engine – derived from the J75/JT4 turbojet – for marine and industrial power plants. The Turbo Power and Marine Department was formed. The first 10-megawatt turbojet “Power Pac” began operating in early 1962.
September 1970 United Technologies Corporation (UTC; formerly United Aircraft) founded a wholly owned subsidiary, Turbo Power and Marine Systems, Inc. (TP&M), which manufactured 25 MW and 50 MW simple-cycle electrical power generation units for application internationally.
1991 The FT8® aero-derivative gas turbine – a derivative of the P&W JT8D aircraft engine, one of the most successful flight engines in aviation history – was developed in the 1980s and launched in 1991. TP&M delivered the first 25-megawatt power plants.
June 2000 UTC changed the name of TP&M to Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS)
July 2001 UTC acquired Energy Services, Inc., which had been founded in June 1974 by two former TP&M engineers, as a comprehensive EPC firm with its headquarters in Farmington, Connecticut.
2001 PWPS and Energy Services collaborated to develop the FT8® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package. The new design significantly reduced construction and commissioning time by maximizing the use of factory packaging and quick-disconnect cabling for equipment interconnect at site.
2003 PWPS launched FT8®-3, which had the capacity to provide 30 megawatts of power.
November 2004 PWPS and Energy Services collaborated to develop and launch the first FT8® MOBILEPAC® unit – a 25-megawatt, mobile gas turbine package – to Endesa (Spain) for installation in the Canary Islands.
December 2011 PWPS announced the launch of its next generation program design and development. The FT4000® engine powered by a P&W PW4000derivative gas generator offered a nominal 60- to 120-megawatt package of reliable peaking and baseload power in a compact footprint. The FT4000® engine is designed for simple-cycle, combined-cycle, or cogeneration applications. The FT4000® SWIFTPAC® 120 unit provides the highest power output of any aero-derivative gas turbine generator package available in the market.
May 2013 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) acquired Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, Inc., and rebranded to PW Power Systems, Inc. Additionally, MHI acquired Energy Services, Inc., which retained its name, and retained majority ownership of WGPW.
August 2013 PWPS secured its first contract with a U.S. customer for a 120 MW simple-cycle, FT4000® SWIFTPAC® power generation unit.
October 2013 The one-hundredth FT8® MOBILEPAC® unit was completed and delivered.
September 2014 PWPS announced the successful completion of the initial verification tests for the FT4000® gas turbine.
June 2015 The first plant powered by an FT4000® SWIFTPAC® 120 entered commercial operation.
June 2016 Energy Services relocated from Farmington to co-locate with PWPS in Glastonbury, Connecticut.
August 2017 MHI transitioned PWPS and Energy Services as wholly owned subsidiaries to Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS), a joint venture that MHI formed in 2014 with Hitachi, Ltd.
April 2018 MHPS integrated PWPS and Energy Services within Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas (MHPS Americas). The PWPS IGT business segment was transitioned to Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis (MD&A), another subsidiary of MHPS Americas. The business names changed to PW Power Systems LLC and Energy Services LLC.
September 2020 Hitachi, Ltd. exited the MHPS joint venture and, following the transfer of all stock held by Hitachi to MHI, the business rebranded to Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. PWPS and Energy Services became subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc.
April 2021 PW Power Systems changed its name to Mitsubishi Power Aero LLC, fully embracing the Mitsubishi Power brand and its unique role in the MHI Group companies. Energy Services LLC retained its name.