Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. (hereinafter "Mitsubishi Power") recognizes that all personal information managed and used in its business activities must be handled and protected with the utmost care. Therefore, Mitsubishi Power will follow the basic policy stated below.

Mitsubishi Power will comply with the relevant and applicable laws, regulations and guidelines set forth by United Arab Emirates governmental authorities, including:

  • UAE Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 on the Penal Code;
  • UAE Federal Decree Law No.5/2012 on Combating Cybercrimes;
  • UAE Federal Decree-Law No. 3/2003 Regarding the Organization of Telecommunications Sector;
  • Dubai Healthcare City Regulations No. 7 of 2013;
  • ADGM Data Protection Regulations 2015 (collectively, the “Applicable Law”).
  • Mitsubishi Power will not acquire any personal information through false or other improper means, and will procure the person’s consent prior to collection.
  • Mitsubishi Power will use personal information only to the extent and for the purposes specified, which will be announced or noticed to the persons to whom the information pertains.
  • Mitsubishi Power will endeavor to keep such personal information accurate and up-to-date.
  • Mitsubishi Power will take necessary and appropriate measures to maintain the security of such personal information.
  • Mitsubishi Power will furnish its employees and contractors handling such personal information with the necessary and appropriate guidance and supervision.
  • Mitsubishi Power will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the person involved.
  • Mitsubishi Power will not transfer personal information outside the United Arab Emirates for use or storage without the consent of the person involved.
  • If Mitsubishi Power receives an inquiry from a person about the use or content of personal information related to that person, it will provide a reasonable response and action, if requested.
  • If Mitsubishi Power receives any complaints regarding the handling of personal information, it will resolve such complaints in a prompt and appropriate manner.
  • Mitsubishi Power will establish rules and management systems for proper handling and protection of personal information and will thoroughly adhere to them.
  • Mitsubishi Power will engage in a strong effort to further enhance personal information protection systems by regularly reviewing and updating all rules and procedures regarding the handling of personal information, including this policy.

Established: 1 February 2021
Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. – Middle East and North Africa

For information regarding the business purposes, the practical handling method of personal information by Mitsubishi Power, refer to the following:

1. Use of Personal Information

Mitsubishi Power will acquire and use personal information only as needed for its business performance according to its business purposes. (See [7. Objects of Mitsubishi Power.]). The business purposes of personal information are:

  1. To make applications for transactions between Mitsubishi Power and its customers and other parties concerned with its businesses; obtain confirmation regarding customers and other parties concerned; review and assess such transactions; execute and manage agreements; and conduct termination and other proceedings following termination of agreements with customers and contractors;
  2. To issue notices regarding improvement of Mitsubishi Power products and services and of associated products and services, and respond to customer inquiries regarding such products and services;
  3. To respond to inquiries about the products and services provided by parties having business relations with Mitsubishi Power;
  4. To allow its shareholders to perform their rights and to perform obligations to its shareholders; facilitate the implementation of various policies to ensure efficient communications with its shareholders; create data under certain standards in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; and other measures to facilitate the mutual understanding between Mitsubishi Power and its shareholders;
  5. To confirm applications for and participation in various exhibitions and seminars, communicate with lecturers, and report on the results of studies and events to the persons involved, and also to provide visitors with access to Mitsubishi Power's facilities;
  6. To make contact with the members of any organizations in which Mitsubishi Power is a member, and issue various notices from Mitsubishi Power according to the purposes of activity of such organizations;
  7. To send publications issued by Mitsubishi Power to persons who request them, and to distribute e-mails to the applicants for the Mitsubishi Power electronic mailing service;
  8. To communicate and enter into joint contracts with various research institutes based on Mitsubishi Power's R&D activities, to which the paragraph (1) above shall apply accordingly; participate in academic societies; make recommendations for prizes awarded by academic societies; and make and manage joint patent applications;
  9. To communicate with journalists and analysts in publicity activities;
  10. To receive applications for employment, communicate with and issue the notification of employment to the applicants, and other issues concerning recruitment activities;
  11. To communicate and conduct transactions with public accountants, attorneys and patent attorneys concerned with the business activities of Mitsubishi Power;
  12. To communicate with the officers, directors, employees or any related persons in the subsidiaries and affiliates of Mitsubishi Power in the course of performance of business activities other than those as stated above;
  13. To issue notices to Mitsubishi Power's retired employees and to communicate with the families of Mitsubishi Power's employees;
  14. To issue notices to supporters of Mitsubishi Power's amateur baseball and marathon teams regarding activities of the respective associations;
  15. To exchange necessary information between Mitsubishi Power and its cooperative, non-regular, temporary, part-time and student workers in execution of contracts with them and performance of their works;
  16. To receive personal information provided for any order-based works and to complete such works within Mitsubishi Power's scope of business; and
  17. To conduct business activities incidental or related to the above business purposes.

With the approval of each respective individual, Mitsubishi Power may provide personal information to a third party, consign the handling of personal information to a third party, or share personal information with subsidiaries and/or affiliates of Mitsubishi Power to the extent that such personal information is required for the business purposes as stated above.

(Please see the following [4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties]and [5. Joint Use of Personal Information])

If any personal information is acquired or used for any other business purposes than those described above, a notice will be issued separately.

2. Possession of Personal Information

Mitsubishi Power possesses and will possess personal information collected with consent, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, FAX numbers, e-mail addresses, gender, ages, memberships, departments and titles of its customers, suppliers and other related companies.

Mitsubishi Power does not acquire and possess any personal information that is not required for business purposes.

3. Personal Information Management

Mitsubishi Power will take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of the personal information possessed by it and endeavor to maintain the contents of such personal information as accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary for business purposes.

Personal information which is no longer necessary for business purposes will be disposed of promptly in an appropriate method.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Mitsubishi Power will not provide the personal information of any person to any third party without such person's approval, except the following cases:

  1. The matters stipulated for the provision of personal information in the Applicable Law are noticed to such person, provided that the provision of the personal information will be suspended upon the individual' s request:
  2. The work of handling personal information is entrusted, in whole or in part, to any third party to the extent necessary for Mitsubishi Power' s business purposes.
    o Provided, that a confidentiality agreement shall be entered into by and between Mitsubishi Power and such entrusted company and that Mitsubishi Power will provide necessary and appropriate supervision of such entrusted company.
  3. Mitsubishi Power will share the personal information of any specific person with one or more of its subsidiaries and/or affiliates to the extent necessary for business purposes, provided the information is not transferred outside the United Arab Emirates (See [5. Joint Use of Personal Information]): and.
  4. Such disclosure of personal information to any third party is already consented by the person it pertains to or is otherwise authorized under the Applicable Law.

5. Joint Use of Personal Information

Mitsubishi Power may share the personal information acquired by Mitsubishi Power with one or more of its subsidiaries and/or affiliates necessary for the above business purposes (See [1. Use of Personal Information]), provided Mitsubishi Power obtained consent from the person the information pertains to and shall remain responsible for the security of the same. Such personal information may include, without limitation, the names of customers and other parties concerned with Mitsubishi Power's businesses and their work or home addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, genders, ages, associated organizations and departments and professional titles.

6. Contact for Personal Information

For information regarding the specific business purposes, the disclosure, correction and suspension of use of the contents of personal information (hereinafter "inquiries about personal information"), contact the respective departments of Mitsubishi Power to which such personal information was provided. (To make inquiries about personal information, it is necessary to submit a completed request form including a valid form of identification. Request forms will be sent from Mitsubishi Power on request.)

In the event the department to which the personal information was provided is unknown, or for any inquiry for general information on the process of handling personal information, contact:

Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. – Middle East and North Africa

Phase 8WB, Office 229 DAFZA, Dubai, UAE, P.O. Box 54319
Tel.: +971-4-228-1958

For contacts about personal information to Mitsubishi Power's other locations, refer to this:

7. Objects of Mitsubishi Power

The corporate objects of MHI are as follows

  1. Manufacture, installation, sale and repair of turbines, boilers, internal combustion engines, hydraulic turbines, nuclear equipment and other power systems;
  2. Engineering and technical assistance in those items mentioned above and manufacture and sale of parts thereof;
  3. Supply of electricity and heat; and
  4. All business incidental or relating to those items mentioned in the foregoing sub-paragraphs.

How to Handle Personal Information on the Website

1. Security in Obtaining Personal Information

In obtaining the personal information of a Mitsubishi Power customer from the Website, Mitsubishi Power uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other encrypting means to protect the personal information inputted through a communications link. The SSL is a general technology used for security of communications on Website, which can encrypt the input data before it is transmitted over the Internet and prevent the input data from being intercepted or tapped. If you use any browser that is not compatible with the SSL, you will not be able to access this page from the intranet of your company due to the settings of Firewall or any other software.

2. Collection of Browsing History

The Website may use technologies such as access logs or cookies to acquire your browsing history for your more convenience use of the Website. The collected historical information is used only for the purposes of higher convenience of use, monitoring the use conditions of the Website, and statistic use such as sum-up and analysis for service planning and better service.

Access logs include records of user IP addresses and part of the operating environment, but they cannot identify users. You can reject to receive cookies or indicate a warning when you receive cookies by setting the browser accordingly.

3. Others

Mitsubishi Power is not responsible for maintaining the security of your personal information on any other Website linked with the Mitsubishi Power Website. If you have any query or inquiry regarding the handling of personal information, make direct access to each relevant Website.