Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the Mitsubishi Power Group, the company understands the importance of corporate social responsibility; both in building strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders and with the community.

From an environmental perspective, we continue to develop products and technologies that will increase the efficiency of energy in our world. We work to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and stakeholders throughout the manufacturing and commercial process with an aim for cleaner and innovative solutions.

We strongly recognize the importance of investing in the next generation; the employees and the engineers of the future. We work with educational establishments and run internship programs, graduate schemes and training programs to provide opportunities to nurture and cultivate new talent.

Engaging with our local communities, charities and schools, interacting with small groups or sponsoring of events, are key activities long established within the company and recognizes our responsibility to society.

"Mitsubishi Power Europe, together with the global Mitsubishi Power Group, is committed to maintaining the respect and trust of the community”

Mitsubishi Power Europe as a worldwide operating company is committed to respect human rights. Therefore, we as Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH, explicitly account for our responsibility to comply with human rights. It is our understanding that respecting and upholding human rights is our social and ethical duty and an important requirement for the sustainable development of our company.

Please click on the link below to view the Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH Human Rights Commitment Statement.