First Steam Turbine Technical Conference in Bursa


February 13-14, the MHPS European team organised the first Steam Turbine Technical Conference in Bursa, Turkey for over 70 customers. Customers travelled from Turkey, Netherlands, UK, Morocco, Nigeria, Israel, Iceland and Poland. Teams from MHPS Japan, Europe, Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi Generators participated with their own presentations.

MHPS showcased the steam turbine product portfolio, retrofit improvements, field service, repair and operation & maintenance capabilities. Also discussed were the advances on digital plants, flexibility upgrades, control systems, customer portal, boilers and generators.

The feedback from the customers was overwhelmingly positive. They had the opportunity to partake in this unique technology focused event, to ask questions to our experts and personally meet with our European and Japanese service teams.

MHPS has committed to scheduling this event every two years as more participation is expected from other geographies in the future.