MHPS Receives Contract to Upgrade Sidi Krir and El Atf Power Stations in Egypt


-- Upgrades to Increase Output and Enhance Efficiency of Existing Natural Gas fired GTCC Facilities --

  • Both facilities have M701F gas turbines as core equipment; The performance improvement program to commence in first half of fiscal year 2021
  • Funding through JICA ODA Loan; Project will help alleviate tight supply and demand situation for electric power

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (May 29, 2019) - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) has been awarded a contract for the upgrade of the Sidi Krir and El Atf thermal power plants in Egypt. Both power stations are operating natural gas fired gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) generators with a rated output of 750 MW, with two M701F gas turbines provided by MHPS as the core components. The upgrade will increase output, improve power generation efficiency, and reduce facility downtime, contributing to a more stable energy supply for the country. Operations for the upgraded facilities are scheduled to begin in the first half of 2021 fiscal year.

The Sidi Krir Power Station is located approximately 50km west of Alexandria city at the Mediterranean Sea coast. The West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC) began operating the plant in 2009. The El Atf Power Station is located approximately 80km east of Alexandria on the Nile delta. The Middle Delta Electricity Production Company (MDEPC) began operating the plant in 2009.

MHPS has been providing after-sales service for the facilities at both plants, and develop a trustful relationship with the customer which led to the current contracts award. Along with the Cairo North Power Station upgrade project which was awarded in August 2017 and completed successfully early May 2019, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will fund these projects through an ODA (Official Development Assistance) Loan.

The contract for these upgrade projects was awarded through MHPS' Egyptian subsidiary. MHPS will supply upgraded components for the M701F gas turbines, and other generator parts to enhance the efficiency of the power generation facilities. MHPS will also dispatch technical advisors to support the installation and trial operations. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) will provide the parts for the gas turbine generators.

Electricity demand in Egypt is increasing at a rate that greatly exceeds economic growth. Going forward, to ensure a stable power supply, along with private investment to expand power derived from renewable energy, it will be essential to further increase generating capacity from public utilities, and enhance the efficiency and reliability of power generation and transmission facilities. These projects will contribute to alleviating the situation.

MHPS, in addition to developing new thermal power generation systems, is also focusing on projects such as these for upgrades and performance improvements at existing facilities. Going forward, MHPS will continue to support the stable supply of power and efficient power generation in areas around the world, in order to contribute to global economic development and highly sustainable energy creation.