Energy Management Solution

MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd. has been providing integrated control and supervisory systems, which cover the entire energy system line, along with the stand-alone control systems.
The control systems for the facilities for power generation and energy supply being the core products, we have also been providing our products not only for power or heat supply, but also the relevant fuel supply, water & waste water treatment and ash handling facility.
By gathering our expertise as a manufacturer of plant equipment and machinery, we offer solutions for the factory energy management system (FEMS) and the building energy management system (BEMS), strongly supporting your business with the reduction in cost and environmental load.

  1. Utilize wireless technology to evaluate energy load and to forecast its effectiveness.
  2. Implement the new index called “Smart Cost”.
  3. Integrate data from production facility, power generation facility and utility equipment.
  4. Support customers in systematic energy PDCA cycle.
  5. Provide cloud service utilizing big data analysis technology.
  6. Drastic reduction in energy cost.