MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd. will start offering control system cyber security drill


We have agreed to a joint business contract with a major security software manufacturer, K.K. Kaspersky Labs Japan.
(Hereunder: Kaspersky / Office located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Mr. Rintaro Kawai, CEO) for cyber security drill.

MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd. will conduct security counter measure practice to control system users, by using the cyber simulation contents called “Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation (Hereunder: KIPS)” developed by Kaspersky. The service will start from March 20, 2015.

Cyber-attacks have been targeting corporate IT infrastructures and personal computers, but since the appearance of Stuxnet, control systems have become targets as well. Our cyber drill will provide basic knowledge of control system security against such threats. Use of USB media, email and internet makes it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is effective to install anti-virus software or tools as a prevention measure, but at the same time, it is very important for the users to gain better knowledge by the trainings and education.
KIPS was developed for trainees to understand the basic security language through role-play style group training. Trainees will learn and acknowledge the risks and the counter measures through the game.
The seminar MP-CS will provide a 1 day course, which consists of 2 or 3 hours of KIPS game style training as well as seminars for basic knowledge of control security system, counter measure skills, and corporate administration. This course will offer a very effective training not only for personnel who engaged in this field, but also for the personnel in management.

Our president, Mr. Daisaku Hirata stated about the cyber drills;
“In view of possible impact by a cyber-attack, international or regional standards have already been established and practiced overseas; Consulting firms who support corporations in preventing violations have been recognized. On the other hand, the consensus about the control system security still varies by entities in Japan, and standards have not been established yet.
It is our mission to extend knowledge in security for every control system user, as the threat of cyber-attacks will be our problem soon. We would like to continue establishing the foundation of cyber security measures by providing the training together with K.K. Kaspersky Labs Japan.”

Mr. Rintaro Kawai, the president & CEO of K.K. Kaspersky Labs Japan stated;
“MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd. has been striving to develop and maintain the control system infrastructures in many power stations and plants all over the world. We are certain that their broad knowledge in control system shall be definitely utilized for educating many operators and engineers who support our everyday lives.
While the threat to the core infrastructure is spreading globally, by this partnership with MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd., we are proud to proceeding towards our goal “To save the world from the IT threat”, through KIPS.”