Upgrading project of Indonesia/PJB Gresik; Successful, now 11th Step out of 15


Indonesia/PJB Gresik power station consists of 3 blocks of 3 on 1 GTCC.
Satisfying the customer request of minimizing the plant shutdown, the 15 Step by Step approach were planned without changing the each GT/ST inspection timing, that is, 9 Gas turbines, 3 Steam turbines, 3 block HMI and DAS
For example, while #1 GT was in Major inspection, other 2 GTs and ST were in operation by the Old controllers, new Netmation controller as #1GT controller was installed and connected to communication network.
The mixed and integrated operation by New and Old controllers has been realized.

At the beginning stage of 15 Steps, Indonesia/PJB in-house newsletter May 2015 issue highly praised this project as "the control systems were renewed online".

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As Steps goes on, the customer PJB Gresik and our members have improved the collaboration and team-work, and delivered the higher quality and the shorter days.

[ Steps for Block 1 #3 GT and ST started at Sep. 13, 2016. ]
Block 1 #3 GT as Step 9, the interlock test that confirms "Ready for Operation" was at the 14th working day.
Block 1 ST as Step 10, the interlock test was at 22th working day with long hours overwork. This can be evaluated as 25th working day with normal shift.
After the control system is ready, our Mitsubishi Power GT and ST engineer has commissioned and tuned up the main body. This is the unique and strong benefit of OEM’s control system.

[ Step 11: Block 2 #1 GT started Nov. 2016. ]
After the interlock test and smooth GT commissioning, the Reliability Run 7 days has completed at 28 Dec. Customer's smile on the attached photo shows its success.

The whole project with 15 Steps is planned completed at May 2017.

We can see from this that Mitsubishi Power and our MP-CS’s high technological skills are difficult to imitate for other companies and are highly evaluated.
Most importantly, Indonesia/PJB Gresik has improved its plant availability and control system maintenance ability.