Environmental policy

In the performance of our business activities, we shall embrace the awareness that our company is an integral member of society and, in all aspects of our business activities,we will strive to reduce burden on the preserve the global environment and will contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

We will strive to reduce burden on the environment in all aspects of our business activities and to enhance competitiveness of our products, we need to establish the Environment Management System that comply with the Global Standard.

On this recognition we will strive to alleviate burden on the environment in all aspects of disposal-through pollution prevention, conservation of resources, energy saving, waste reduction, reuse and recycle.

Active Guidelines

  1. Accord high priority to environmental protection within company operations, and take steps company-wide to protect and enhance the environment.
  2. Strive continuously to improve and enhance environmental protection activities by establishing the Environmental Management System and setting environmental goals and targets.
  3. Excute business activities complying with the laws and the regulations.
  4. Clarify roles and responsibilities regarding environmental protection by developing an organized structure to deal with environmental protection matters, defining environment-related procedures, etc.
  5. Strive to alleviate burden on the environment to the extent possible technically and economically, in all aspects of company business activities from product R&D, design , procurement of raw materials and manufacture to disposal-through and cooperate with community.
  6. Inform the Environment Management of all stakeholders.