Material procurement information

Our company's basic policies concerning material procurement

  1. Openness

    Our company searches for sources of material procurement widely and expects new entries of business partners having a strong will and competitive power.

  2. Impartiality and fairness

    Our company provides to business partners an opportunity to compete impartially and selects business partners by evaluating the quality, price and timely delivery, and further, technological capabilities and financial condition, etc. comprehensively and fairly.

  3. Mutual trust

    Our company positions its business partners as value-creating partners, aiming to establish a mutual trust, and at the same time, achieve mutual growth.

  4. Compliance

    Based on our compliance management philosophy, our company complies with relevant laws and regulations and societal norms, and at the same time, places strict controls on information we obtain through transactions.

Our company's principal articles to be procured and contacts

Principal articles to be procured Division in charge

Articles to be purchased

  1. Metal materials

    Alloy (master heat) Co to be remelted as a raw material for precision casting, nickel-base heat-resistant alloy materials

  2. Mold making materials

    Fire-proof sand (zircon, alumina), wax for lost wax

  3. Refractory

    Refractory for casting

  4. Others

    Grindstones, paints, chemicals, welding rods, inspection materials

Material Group

Articles ordered to outside suppliers

  1. Working

    Finish grinding, machining, electric discharge machining, mold making, took making

  2. Electric instrumentation work, sheet metal plate working

  3. Packaging, transportation

Procedure for making inquiries

If you are interested in our articles, please contact us by e-mail with the following information.
After receiving your entry form, we will examine whether your inquiry is practicable or not.If we consider it to be practicable, we will contact you.

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