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Mitsubishi Power Europe provides a complete array of services for modernization of power plants, which differ in design and size for all conventional fuels. We deliver customer-oriented service and rehabilitation for utility steam generators (boilers) and components, e.g. mills, burners, firing systems, coal feeders etc.

All-round Service for your Plant
Tried-and-tested Modernization and Rehabilitation
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Furthermore, Mitsubishi Power Europe has its own manufacturing facilities which include pressure parts, burners and coal mills to provide timely, high quality service. As designer and manufacturer of original parts, Mitsubishi Power Europe is the ideal partner for revamping and spare parts requirements. Our integrated service business has bases and branches in Europe, Middle East and Asia, which enables us to react swiftly and flexibly to customer needs.

Extensive Energy Service Network in Europe, Middle East & Africa



Rehabilitation & Optimization Maintenance & Service
Waste-to-Energy Components Rotary Kiln Systems
Firing & Fuel Conversion Boiler Systems
Firing & Fuel Conversion Grate Firing System
Customized Solution Laboratory
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Our clients



Customer focus through regional responsibility


Andreas Rupp
Head of Sales Service

Mobil: +49 172 1519071
[email protected]




Tim Klein
Regional Manager Service
North & West Europe

Mobil: +49 151 55717950
[email protected]


Hikmet Günes
Regional Manager Service Turkey

Mobil: +90 533 1304828
[email protected]



Thomas Pahnke
Regional Manager Service
North & West Germany

Mobil: +49 170 7055191
[email protected]


Pannen Herrmann Pannen
Regional Manager Service
East Europe

Mobil: +49 160 8831200
[email protected]
Moussaoui Mohsen Moussaoui
Regional Manager Service
Middle East & North Afrika

Mobil: +49 160 96967516
[email protected]

Steve Severin
Regional Manager Service
East Germany

Mobil: +49 175 9709829
[email protected]

Wolters Clemens Wolters
Regional Manager Service
South Europe

Mobil: +49 171 7658586
[email protected]
Weiss Jürgen Weiss
Regional Manager Service
South Africa

Mobil: +49 173 2565712
[email protected]
Wittfeld Florian Wittfeld
Regional Manager Service
South Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Mobil: +49 160 2924011
[email protected]