About Us

About Us

Message from President

What we are required to do now is to use natural resources more effectively.
In order to respond to this demand, we will contribute to create an affluent society through our experience and technologies over many years in every field.
Our products range from control systems for various power generation facilities to control systems such as environmental equipment, transportation systems, transportation machinery, etc.
We believe the Key for Success (KFS) is to always work in cooperation with our clients and strive to provide an optimum and consistent system from control system products to business solutions and therefore we have contributed to the improvement of social infrastructure.
Further, by putting our knowledge and experiences of the energy optimization as our core technology into other fields, we have developed latest technologies, such as IoT technology, Big Data Analysis, and will provide the variety of solutions.
We will pursue to emphasize company compliance policies first and strive our contribution toward every society in the world by improving our design quality and technical capabilities and to meet every customer's demands.

We sincerely ask for your continuous support.
Thank you.

Company Profile

Company name MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd.
Establishment April 1 , 2012
Capital 60,000,000 yen
Shareholder Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd.(100% owned)
President Toshiro Yoshida
Main Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Address 12 Nishiki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama city 231-8715
Phone:+81-45-285-0114 Fax: +81-45-623-5389
Employees 418(As of April 1.2024)
Annual Sales 11,500,000,000yen(Fiscal year 2023)


  1. “Customer comes first” is our principle, we will contribute to society with our technology.
  2. Be innovative with a Global perspective.
  3. Be sincere, cooperative , well communicated and active.

Quality Assurance


October 1961 Ryonichi Engineering Co., Ltd.: Established
December 1984 Choryo Control System Co., Ltd.: Established
July 1986 M.D.S. Co., Ltd.: Established
July 1988 Koryo Engineering Co., Ltd.: Established
April 2012 MHI Control Systems Co., Ltd.: Established
( Choryo Control System Co., Ltd. & M.D.S. Co., Ltd. were merged, and the control system division of Ryonichi Engineering Co., Ltd. & Koryo Engineering Co., Ltd. were joined )
February 2014 MHPS Control Systems Co., Ltd.: Changed company name.
September 2020 MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd.: Changed company name.


  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System; certified by LRQA Limited.
  • ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System; certified by LRQA Limited.
  • CSMS(IEC 62443-2-1): Cyber Security Management System; certified by BSI Group Japan K.K.

Main Products / Services

Nagasaki Works:

  • Engineering control/monitor systems for power plants, ship operations, auxiliary equipment, and wind turbines. Developing & manufacturing of application software.
  • Control Engineering for industrial machinery and public construction, electric and communication project, control systems for dam operations.
  • Designing, developing and manufacturing of control panels, printed circuit boards, and various sensors.
  • Manufacturing of Logic building tools for general purpose PLC, simulators for thermal power plants and ships, and various flame detectors.

Yokohama Works:

  • Software development, manufacturing, and maintenance of control systems for industrial thermal power plants and electric power companies.
  • Integration of information devices and communication devices. Developing and manufacturing of Engineering OA systems.
  • Development, maintenance, and sales of control systems manufactured by Mitsubishi Power.

Takasago Works:

  • Design, manufacturing and commissioning for Mitsubishi Power made control systems for power plants.

Company Organization