Action Plan for the Next Generation Support Law.

With improving the working environment by supporting each and every employee to maximize their skills and abilities, the following action plan has been implemented to contribute to our community in compliance with the Next Generation Support Law.


For 2 years from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2016


Objection 1:

By promoting “No overtime day” and encouraging employees to consume their vacation time, we will attempt to harmonize a well balance of work-life.


  • Implementation of “No Overtime Day”
  • Employees to take a planned paid vacation time (more than one day per month)
From April 2014: Notify each employee in regards to this plan and start enforcing “No overtime day” and urging employees to take “Planned vacation”.
From October 2014: Conduct a survey to grasp the percentage of turn outs in each division for 6 months.
If there are problems for enforcing and keeping the plan, make any necessary improvements and continue efforts to achieve the goal.

Objection 2:

Support employees in managing both child care and work, by creating an ideal work environment which ensures employees to take a time-off comfortably.


  • Encouraging male employees to take a leave at the time of child’s birth.
  • Establishing a work environment which allows employees to take time off comfortably for attending child’s school activity and/or extended sickness care.
April 2014: Notify each employee regarding this plan.
July 2014: Conduct a survey to understand the success rate of the plan.
August 2014: Review the outcome of the survey and discuss how to improve the situation.

Objection 3:

Accepting student internship.


  • Continue accepting internship
From July 2014 to September 2014: Accepting student internship.
October 2014: Published it on the HP after accepting student internship.
From July 2015 to September 2015: Accepting student internship.
October 2015: After accepting student internship, publish it on the company HP.