CSR Action Guidelines

In order to ensure a secure future for the Earth, we will establish and maintain,

Close ties with the Earth

Safeguard an abundantly green Earth through environmental technologies and environmental awareness;

Close ties with society

Build a relationship of trust with society through proactive participation in society and trustworthy actions;

A bridge to the next generation

Contribute to the cultivation of human resources who can shoulder responsibility in the next generation through technologies that can realize dreams.

In accordance with the CSR Activity Guidelines of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., We, MHI Power Control Systems Co., Ltd. will implement this guideline as our base of our corporate activity. To regard this guideline as the core of our corporate management and operation, we are determined to strive for becoming a recognized corporate with respect and trust.

Compliance Guideline

In recent years, compliance is one of the essentials for corporate operation, not only consideration towards the environment or contributions to society. Although the word “Compliance” is generally translated as “Compliance to laws or regulations”, today, it also means the compliance for social moral with ethics and company standards. Hereunder, we have stipulated our compliance guideline to practice the “Always complied with law and social rule”. We encourage each employee to act based on our motto in their mind at all time.

I Business activities

We will conduct sensible company activities in compliance with laws and in an appropriate manner, and contribute to society by providing safe, high-quality products and services.

  1. We will endeavor to provide safe, high-quality products and services.
  2. In conducting business activities, we will pursue fair and free intercorporate competition in compliance with the Antimonopoly Act, the Act against Delays in the Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors, the Construction Business Act, and other relevant regulations.
  3. Regarding gift-giving and entertainment with civil officers and suppliers, we will not violate laws or deviate from socially accepted practices.
  4. We will implement appropriate accounting and tax accounting in accordance with relevant laws, accounting standards, and internal regulations.
  5. In relation to overseas business, we will follow laws related to import and export and local laws.

II Relationship between the company and society

We will try to preserve the environment and live in harmony with society as a good corporate citizen.

  1. We will follow environment-related laws and try to preserve the environment.
  2. We will disclose information related to management in an appropriate and timely manner.
  3. We will respond firmly to antisocial forces.

III Relationship between the company and employees

The company will secure a safe, healthy work environment, and company members will make clear distinctions between public and private, comply with laws and internal rules, and execute their duties faithfully.

  1. The company will follow labor-related laws and try to secure a safe, healthy work environment.
  2. Company members will follow internal regulations such as labor regulations.
  3. Company members will not engage in discriminative behavior or sexual harassment.
  4. Company members will handle company secrets appropriately, and will not disclose them without prior consent.

Environmental Management

In the performance of its business activities, we shall embrace the awareness that our company is an integral member of society and, in all aspects of its business activities, it will strive to reduce burden on the environment and shall devote its comprehensive technological capabilities to the development of technologies and products that will protect the environment, as its way of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Action Guidelines

  1. Accord high priority to environmental protection within company operations, and take steps company-wide to protect and enhance the environment.
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilities regarding environmental protection by developing an organized structure to deal with environmental protection matters, defining environment-related procedures, etc.
  3. Strive to alleviate burden on the environment in all aspects of company business activities-from product R&D and design to procurement of raw materials, manufacture, transport, usage, servicing and disposal-through pollution prevention, conservation of resources, energy saving, waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
  4. Strive to develop and provide advanced, highly reliable, wholly proprietary technologies and products that will contribute to solving environmental and energy problems.
  5. Strive continuously to improve and enhance environmental protection activities not only by fully complying with environmental laws and regulations but also, when necessary, by establishing, implementing and evaluating independent standards and setting environmental goals and targets.
  6. In the performance of business activities overseas and exportation of products, pay full attention to impact on the local natural and social environments and strive to protect those environments; also, become actively involved in technological cooperation overseas in matters of environmental protection.
  7. Take steps to raise environmental awareness among all employees through environmental education, etc., undertake activities to provide environment-related information to the public, and proactively make environment-enhancing contributions to society.