CSMS Authentication was continued, and its scope was newly expanded successfully.


Authentication Update Date: 2024-1-15

Our company has received CSMS(*1) authentication from BSI Group Japan Co., Ltd. in accordance with International Standard IEC62443-2-1 for Cyber Security Management Systems for Industrial Automation and Control Systems.
The Control Engineering division was continuously certified and the Energy and Environment Solution division was newly certified, that their engineering work (design, manufacturing, and maintenance of control and monitoring systems) meets CSMS certification standards.

This certification system was established in April 2014 with the aim of ensuring that control system manufacturer, integrator and operating organizations continuously improve their cybersecurity measures from an administrative perspective. 

Control systems have been used in critical infrastructure and factory’s production lines and are nowadays connected to internal and external network for IoT and big data applications. This means that the threat of cyber-attacks will increase.
In fiscal 2016, our company acquired CSMS authentication as an asset owner for board manufacturing facilities in its manufacturing division. In fiscal 2019, we acquired CSMS authentication as a system integrator in the Control Engineering division for power generation plants. In response to the recent increase in the need in industry, we have expanded the scope of authentication as a system integrator to the industrial engineering division.

As a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., our company is involved in the system integration of control systems for power generation plants, waste treatment facilities, and so on. As a control system builder, strengthening the security of engineering processes is essential to our company's business continuity.
We believe that the continuation of the CSMS authentication and the expansion of its range will contribute to improve the reliability in not only the control systems we provide but also our engineering business itself.

In addition to providing control systems, our company also provides consulting services on cybersecurity management for customers who operate control systems.

 : Cyber Security Management System for IACS (Industrial Automation and Control System)

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