CSR Initiatives 2012-13

Activity 1: Sri Byraveswara High School, Nelamangala

  • Sri Byraveswara high school run by an N.G.O. (Non-profit organization) and by a private management. The school is located in the rural Bangalore.
  • School supports students from below poverty line families mainly labour communities.
  • Infrastructure of the School is very poor and not equipped with sufficient education/study materials.

Activities carried out for CSR

  • Science Lab - Lab Materials were contributed to the school for science practical purpose for students.
  • Library – Contributed books related to subjects like Science, Geography, Maths etc.

Date of visit:3rd November 2012

Project Status


Project Location
  • Sri Byraveswara High School, Nelamangala

Activity 2:

Name of the School : Sri Byraveswara High School, Nelamangala
School Students Visit To Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, founded by the Bangalore City Corporation in 1989, is devoted to dissemination of science among the public and the student community. A Science Park is also developed in the area around the Planetarium.
  • Description:Students along with MPSIN employees spent some time in science park around planetarium. It provided nice opportunity to students to learn some elements of science in a natural and playful manner. Some of the models on display are model of D.N.A, Resonant Swings, Whispering Dishes, Sun Dial, Giant Kaleidoscope, and model of a Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle (PSLV). Watched a Sky theatre show in planetarium during 11:30-12:00 hrs. This show blends science with art, literature and cultural aspects of many countries.
  • Message:Learning Historical backgrounds, modem developments and future prospects in Science.

Schlool Students Visit to Visvesvaraya Museum

  • VisvesvarayaIndustrial and Technological Museum is one of the units of National Council of Science Museums an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
  • Description:Visited Museum at around 2 pm. The museum portrays the application of science and technology in industry and human welfare. Within the compound of museum are the exhibits of a steam engine and an airplane models. The museum has seven permanent exhibition halls and two special exhibits: Dinosaur Corner and the Wright brothers aero plane.
  • Message: VisvesvarayaMuseum houses treasure trove of machines and artifacts related to science and technology. Its interactive exhibits make this a great place for children to develop a love for science and to demystify facts.
Project Status


Project Location
  • JawahalalNehru Planetarium & Vivesvaraya Museum