CSR Initiatives 2015-16

Activity 1:Navachethana Trust, Bangalore

  • Contributed towards students monthly fees, uniforms, grocery items, Cots and Beds etc.

Date of visit:5th September 2015

Project Status


Project Location
  • Navachethana Trust, Bangalore

Activity 2 :Chennai Flood Relief Fund

Contributed towards flood relief affected in Chennai

  • Volunteers from Bangalore visited flood affected areas in Chennai & Cuddalore.
  • Delivered food & other relief materials in parts of South Chennai.
  • Collected goods like bedsheets & medicines from various sources in Bangalore and shipped to the affected areas in Chennai.
  • Distribution of medicines and clearing up the surroundings along with the local municipal authorities in Chennai.

Date of visit:12 December 2015

Project Status


Activity 3 :Byraveswara High School, Nelamangala School

Contributed funds towards:

  • Study Table & Chairs for Students
  • Projector & Screen
  • Science Lab materials
  • Public Addressing System

Date of visit:20 February 2016

Project Status


Project Location
  • Byraveswara High School, Nelamangala School