Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

Long Term Service Agreement for Power Plants

LTSAs allow Mitsubishi Power customers to budget and accurately forecast maintenance costs for years on our large fleet of advanced class gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators. As the original equipment manufacturer, we understand how your unit was designed to operate and can provide both digital and operational flexibility upgrades, rapid service support from our field team as well as our engineering experts, and finally, access to parts inventories in key regional areas. This allows power plant operators the opportunity to achieve the highest possible availability, reliability, and performance needed to operate profitably in today’s market.

Mitsubishi Power LTSAs provide the lowest risk and life cycle cost for your power plant.

Constant Coverage

Our multi-year business commitment ensures you have comprehensive coverage for your plant. Typical contracts include dedicated program management, assigned coverage for the parts in your unit(s), expert service support focused on safety and quality, and warranty coverage that provides you with piece of mind.

Custom Solutions

Mitsubishi Power will tailor your LTSA to meet your specific needs. Coverage and risk management plans are customer focused and customizable, and the pricing structures are flexible.

Digital Solutions

Mitsubishi Power optimizes maintenance plans with TOMONI®, a customizable suite of user-driven, digital power plant solutions fueled by cutting-edge analytics and decades of turbine operating and monitoring data. TOMONI® provides the flexibility to easily add or modify solutions, giving you a highly cost-effective way to make targeted upgrades to your power plant according to your objectives. Together, the solutions can optimize the operation, maintenance, and performance of your entire plant while providing additional operational flexibility.

Real-time monitoring provides “mode of failure” and “time of failure” diagnostics, allowing Mitsubishi Power and power plant owners the capability to quickly implement corrective action to keep your power plant online and mitigate potential losses due to unplanned maintenance.


Mitsubishi Power LTSAs have a proven track record of reliability and success. In addition to the above, LTSA benefits include 24/7 monitoring of your power plant’s operational performance, diagnostics, and access to our extensive resources and facilities.

Long Term Service Agreement for Power Plants