By empowering people to be the heroes of their decarbonization journey, Mitsubishi Power is accelerating the world's progress towards achieving net-zero emissions. We innovate in decarbonization, bring validated solutions to the market, and collaborate to develop the hydrogen and carbon ecosystems. 

Solutions for a Clean and Reliable Grid

At Mitsubishi Power, we are deploying solutions that seamlessly integrate with renewable energy sources, energy storage, and smart technologies. We are focused on creating a grid that not only meets the demands of today but anticipates and adapts to the challenges of tomorrow.

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We provide comprehensive and validated solutions to the biggest challenges our industry faces. Mitsubishi Power is proud to support all energy needs so that, together, we can confidently move the world forward. 

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Featured Success Story

J-POWER USA powering 1.2 million homes and counting

Discover how Mitsubishi Power and J-POWER USA worked together to bring the first M501JAC™ units to North America. The plant has powered 1.2 million homes and counting throughout the greater Chicago area and is positioned to support the growth of intermittent renewables and the evolving grid.

The energy transition story is your story


One team, one future

Our team is boldly redefining power generation and energy storage to fast-track the world's energy transition. We operate as one team, pushing toward our vision of the future. Here, people have more than a job. They have an opportunity to shape a fulfilling career.

At Mitsubishi Power, we value problem solvers, prioritize collaboration, and support each other in an inclusive culture created through accountability and authenticity.

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