Product Lineup

Gas Turbines

Mitsubishi Power has a wide range of gas turbines from the 30 MW class to the 560 MW class to meet diverse needs around the world.

Aero-derivative Gas Turbines
(30 MW to 140 MW Class)

Energy Storage Solutions

Mitsubishi Power offers efficient Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines capable of generating 30 to 140 MW of power.

The FT4000® SWIFTPAC® Gas Turbine package has the highest power output of any aero-derivative gas turbine package. It’s available in single and twin-engine configurations, offering 60-70 or 120-140 MW power, and greater than 41 percent simple-cycle efficiency.

The FT8® MOBILEPAC® Gas Turbine Package is an industry leader. Designed to provide quick, reliable power, it has a compact footprint and can be installed without a foundation or concrete pad. It’s modularly packaged and can be delivered by land, sea, or air.

Our FT8® SWIFTPAC® Gas Turbine Power Plant offers 30 or 60 MW of power and provides best-in-class part load efficiency. Factory assembled modules and prefabricated piping reduce setup time, allowing this system to generate power less than 30 days after arriving on site.

The BATTPACTM incorporates a battery Energy Storage System (ESS) with the FT4000® or FT8® gas turbine to boost megawatt power output (simple-cycle), decreases plant response time to less than 0.1 seconds, and enable real-time frequency regulation.

Mitsubishi Power provides comprehensive Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of turnkey systems for aero-derivatives, battery ESSs, mobile equipment, temporary power, simple cycle gas power plants, and small to medium frame gas turbines. From project plannning to plant maintenance, Mitsubishi Power offers complete project management with full-wrap performance guarantees.

All Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Packages

Middle and Small Capacity Gas Turbines
(40 MW to 120 MW class)



    • Heavy duty models with high reliability
      • Reliability of more than 99% (actual operating time of more than 6.6 million hours)
    • Low environmental impact combustor compatible with a wide variety of fuels
      • Natural gas, LPG, off gas, syngas, light oil, kerosene and bio-ethanol
    • High efficiency
      • Overall efficiency of more than 80% at the combined heat and power (CHP) plant using exhaust gas from the gas turbine
    • An optimal combined plant meeting various power demands
      • A lineup of models with an output range from 60 MW to 350 MW and a high plant efficiency of 55-58%
    • Support for flexible operation
    • The investment can be recovered in several years.
      • High load responsivity to support daily start and stop (DSS) operation
      • Easy on-site maintenance

Diagnostic Program

Large Capacity Gas Turbines
(120 MW to 560 MW class)



    • Combined cycle plant performance with world-leading efficiency
      • Plant efficiency of more than 64%
    • Low environmental impact combustor
      • Mitsubishi Power Dry Low NOx combustor
    • Applicable to combined heat and power plant
    • High load responsivity to support daily start and stop (DSS) operation

For 60 Hz

For 50 Hz