Comprehensive Maintenance

Comprehensive Maintenance


Comprehensive Maintenance

Mitsubishi Power comprehensively repairs entire plants deteriorated by long-term operation to prolong the life of the plants. Moreover, Mitsubishi Power can propose menu for improving the output, efficiency and environmental performance.

Introduction Process of Comprehensive Maintenance

  • Diagnose each equipment (boiler, turbine, generator, the control system, and auxiliaries)
  • Based of the results of Diagnosis, Mitsubishi Power proposes plan to improve output and efficiency.

In addition, Mitsubishi Power can propose menu below.

  • Improvement of efficiency and output by introducing the latest type of turbine
  • Improvement of efficiency and environmental performance by introduction of combustion system such as the latest boiler burner
  • Plant output increase with additional boiler heating surface and related BOP upgrade
  • Improvement of environmental performance by introduction of environmental equipment (NOx, dust collection and desulfurization equipment)

Case Study: Comprehensive maintenance of Hartha Power Station Unit 4

  • The contract of comprehensive maintenance of Hartha Power Station Unit 4 with the Iraq Ministry of Electricity was concluded end of March 2015, and construction starts in mid-September 2016. The delivery of whole Unit had completed end of December 2017.
  • The main purpose was to improve the output recovery (120MW-200MW) and availability, and the main scope was to replace or repair the boiler/turbine/auxiliaries/generator with partial retrofit, repair and to update the control system.
  • Through this work, Mitsubishi Power has been contributing to the recovery of electricity supply in southern Iraq.
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