Analytics and Performance Center


What is “TOMONI HUB ”

For many power plants, TOMONI HUB has already become an integral element in the support of the plants’ successful O&M results. They provide valuable support far beyond just monitoring -- further extending the Japanese TOMONI concept of “together with” to increase real-time collaboration among the energy system operators and the worldwide resources and expertise of Mitsubishi Power. The name HUB conveys the central role these facilities are increasingly playing in channeling expert O&M support for on-site personnel and an evolving workforce.


Remote Monitoring and Advanced Analytics

Our experts in operations and maintenance monitor operating conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For over 20 years, Mitsubishi Power has been steadily expanding the capabilities of its TOMONI HUB Analytics and Performance Centers and has been successfully providing  remote monitoring and increasing the use of advanced analytics to make power plants more reliable and profitable. TOMONI HUB provides connected software and services that monitor and provide early warning of impending issues or needed corrective action to avoid unit trips or load reductions, reduced energy efficiency losses and avoidance of unnecessary maintenance.

The global network includes TOMONI HUBs in Takasago and Nagasaki, Japan; Orlando, Florida, United States and Alabang,Philippines. Each HUB uses cybersecure communications and accesses cloud-based analytics and distributed knowledge bases that incorporate knowledge gained from global Mitsubishi Power experience.

TOMONI HUBs support all types of energy systems, including traditional steam power plants and gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) plants, as well as renewable power plants, distributed generation and energy storage facilities of all durations.

New technical capabilities introduced in recent years include remote inspection and maintenance via virtual presence technologies as well as remote operation. Many of the technologies were validated at Mitsubishi Power's T-Point 2 power plant, the smartest power plant in the world, which is currently being operated remotely from the Takasago TOMONI HUB.