Steam Turbines

Steam Turbines

Steam Turbine Service Menu through Application of Latest Technology

The occurrence of performance degradation and various other problems related to steam turbines as a result of progressing aged deterioration are caused by creep and fatigue damage over a long period of operation.
Mitsubishi Power provides services of comprehensive Inspection and assessment of deterioration of each turbine parts. Based on the assessment, Mitsubishi Power proposes various range of menu, from parts supply to turbine retrofit, depending on the machines’ conditions.
These menu has been adopted and implemented by many customers worldwide.

Latest Technology

Shortening of Retrofit Construction Period by Application of 3D Measurement Technology

We strive to shorten the construction period for large-scale retrofit projects in order to reduce construction costs and to improve the availability rate of the customer' s plant. One example is the shortening of the construction period of a rotor retrofit by using 3D measurement technology.
3D models are created by CAD based on 3D measurement results of existing parts to be reused such as the outer casing. Possible interference of small clearances can be detected with the already created 3D models of the inner casings and quick construction work is realized through the execution of necessary fine adjustments in advance.
In addition, based on the results of 3D measurement and stress analysis, Mitsubishi Power works on shortening construction period by simulating construction work before starting actual construction.

3D Measurement Technology

Engineer Training at Steam Turbine Technical Training Center

The Steam Turbine Technical Training Center was established in July 2014 with the aim of systematically training engineers to take on more difficult levels of field service jobs for steam turbines. Technical training for steam turbines and disassembly/assembly of governor valves, etc. is conducted using actual machines and equipment that were installed inside the power plant. This training center aims to cultivate engineers who can provide reliable service to customers through excellent quality and high levels of engineering skill.

Technical Training Center