STEP4 Operation support and maintenance

[1] Regular inspections

Daily, Weekly, monthly, and every other month

Advice provided on operation, inspections, and maintenance performed by the user. Prevents downtime due to problems by means of early detection of signs of malfunctions.

[2] Inspections during idle time

Once every 1-2years

Inspection by an Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Environmental Solutions specialist together with the user and the proposal of an appropriate repair plan.

[3] Repairs during idle time

Once every 1-2years

Repair work based on the user's operating plan and the results of the inspection during idle time ensuring quality and a short work period with foremost priority on safety.

[4]Facilities diagnostics

10 years from installation

Precise measurement of corrosion, wear, and deterioration of the equipment and diagnosis of its remaining life. Proposal of a large-scale overhaul, repairs, or performance upgrade according to the user's needs.

[5]Major repairs / overhaul / retrofit

Execute in a short work period using an improvement plan based on the facilities diagnostics, laser scans and 3D CAD by means of appropriate design and schedule management.

  • STEP1 Planning

    Proposal of ESP system that meets the user's needs by mobilizing the latest Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies.

  • STEP2 Fabrication and construction

    Manufacture, fabrication and construction ensuring quality and short construction period with foremost priority on safety by mobilizing the latest CAE technologies and manufacturing/construction technical capabilities.

  • STEP3 Inspection and commissioning

    Inspection and field tests by a specialist in quality assurance, trial operation, adjustment, and handover.

  • STEP4 Operation support and maintenance

    Support for operation and maintenance provided with close attention by an assigned specialist.