Solvent Recovery Flow

  1. Solvent-containing gas drawn by the raw gas blower flows into the absorption tank by way of pretreatment facilities such as gas filter and cooler, then the solvents are absorbed on the activated carbon.
  2. Gas, in which solvents are absorbed, is discharged as clean air from the absorption tank air exit.
  3. Solvents absorbed on the activated carbon are washed out by steam, and distilled air flows from the absorption tank.
  4. Distilled air is cooled by the condenser, becomes condensed liquid, and is separated spontaneously through separator into solvents (and water). The water flows into aeration tank, in which aeration (steam aeration) further expels solvents dissolved in the water.
  5. Solvents separated by the separator overflow that to be recovered.

For respective processes, diverse menus such as energy saving, exhaust heat recovery, etc. are available.