Outline of Water Treatment

In producing processing water for a variety of plants and factories and boiler feed water and cooling water treatment (Note 1) at power generation plants, there are increasing needs for high-quality deionizer, which is compact, resource-saving, as well as energy-saving.
We are engaged in designing of the systems for (coagulating) filtration, (coagulating) dissolved air floatation, coagulating sedimentation, and (coagulating) MF membrane separation, which are used for primary pollutant removal treatment (Note 2) of raw water such as river water. We are also dealing with designing of the systems for ion-exchanging (2-bed and 3-tower/mixed-bed tower) (Note 3), reverse osmosis (RO) desalination (Note 4), which are used for desalination of primary treated water.

  • Offering up-to-date treatment technologies as well as conventional processing.
  • Suggesting optimum processing according to the quality of raw water and required quality of the water produced.
  • Offering a wide range of unit products, which allow labor saving for the construction work at the local sites.
  • Responding to the wide variety of the customers' needs ranging from those for standard specifications to customized ones.
  • Making plans with principles of "saving utilities" kept in our mind.
  • Suggesting treatment process with less waste fluid produced.
  • Dealing with compact designing for the small footprint.
  • Capable of short-delivery supply.
  • Responding to customers' consultation about reuse of water.

*1 Pretreatment

*2 Ion Exchanger

*3 RO-Membrane Desalination