MHI Group Global Code of Conduct

MHI Group Global Code of Conduct sets out principles that all MHI employees must adhere to

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Environmental Solutions, Ltd. follows the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct as a newly established company.
As a global company, MHI employs thousands of individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This diversity of talent and perspectives is one of our greatest assets. At the same time, however, MHI as a company must operate with a single corporate culture that enables it to compete successfully in the global market while maintaining our reputation as a company of high integrity and ethics. The Code of Conduct describes how MHI employees should conduct themselves.


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Environmental Practices

Occupational Health and Safety & Environmental Policy Policies for Activities

Basic Policies

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Environmental Solutions, Ltd. recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is one of the most urgent common issues facing the human race, and the entire organization is working together to reduce our environmental burden in the aim of achieving a sustainable society.

Policies for Activities

To reduce the environmental burden of our products, services, and all activities related to the design/development, procurement, production management, installation, construction, trial operation, and after-sales service of our precipitators, flue gas desulfurization systems, waste water treatment equipment, solvent recovery equipment, and other products that contribute to environmental conservation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Environmental Solutions, Ltd. will promote environmental management activities based on the following guidelines with the aim of achieving harmony with the global environment.

  1. We establish occupational health, safety and environmental management systems as a corporate citizen with clear responsibilities and roles and comply with relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and other requirements.
  2. To minimize the environmental impacts of our business activities, we closely assess the effects of our activities on people and the environment and establish adequate guidelines for occupational health, safety, and the environment through technologically and economically feasible activities while striving to prevent environmental pollution and accidents at work and elsewhere by continuously reviewing and improving our guidelines.
    • (1) We continuously work to improve all equipment and construction methods that have the potential to affect people and the environment.
    • (2) We recognize the risk of serious accidents whenever we design, manufacture, and construct products in any situation and endeavor to practice safety-first management at all times.
    • (3) While working to prevent occupational illnesses, we also promote sound physical health and pleasant working environments.
    • (4) We promote waste recycling, resource conservation and energy-saving action.
    • (5) Based on society's needs, we design, develop and offer products that users can utilize with a sense of reassurance and that contribute to solving global environmental and energy problems.
  3. We work to improve understanding of these guidelines and raise awareness about occupational health, safety and environment among all employees through training, in-house publicity and other means.

These guidelines are available to customers and the general public.

  • July 1, 2021
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Environmental Solutions, Ltd.
  • Morio Kagami, President