Laws and regulations

We support your VOC reduction plan with our reliable technological strength and great deal of experience.
In recent years, with the environment-conscious trend growing, there arises the voice for VOC reduction; various regulations such as "PRTR Law" and "VOC Emission Control" have been tightened; and "Kyoto Protocol" for global warming control took effect, urging you to achieve CO2 reduction. Furthermore, in order to use effectively the finite global resources, further energy saving and resource saving are required. We, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power Environmental Solutions, Ltd. Environmental Equipment Sales Dept., are working on VOC measures every day to actualize bright future and to meet social needs.


Law concerning Pollutant Release and Transfer Register: promulgated in July, 1999
In April 2004, annual handling volume covered by the Law was revised from 5ton/year to 1ton/year.
Under this Law, regarding chemical substances which may be hazardous to the human health and ecosystem, business operators are required to know their own emission into the environment, report it to the Administration, and publicize it. (updated: May 9,2005)
Reference: Law concerning Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Website.

VOC Emission Control

Air Pollution Control Law revised (VOC Emission Control): promulgated on May 26, 2004 Part of the Law was revised, providing that for facilities covered by the Control, concentration at the exhaust hole shall be regulated respectively. Specific regulations will be established later. (Updated: May 9, 2005)
Reference: Ministry of Environment Atmospheric Environment-related Website

Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol took effect on February 16, 2005.
Reduction ratio varies with the country. For Japan, achievement target is 6 percent reduction of the emission in the reference year, 1990, (CO2 emission: 1,233 million tons) for the period from 2008 to 2012.
In reality, since CO2 emission reached 1,331million tons in 2002, reduction by more or less 14 percent is required.
To achieve such target, it is considered to establish various regulations.