MF Filtration

Outline of the System

Giving filtration treatment by using precision filtration membrane (MF module) made of hollow fiber membrane.

  1. Filtration process
    Having the raw water permeate the hollow fiber membrane from outside to inside to make filtrate, which is delivered to the treated water tank.
  2. Backwash process
    Passing air from inside of the membrane to exfoliate dirt sticking on the outer surface of the hollow fiber membrane and wash out with raw water.
  3. Membrane test process
    Pneumatically pressuring the inner side of the membrane to check the reading of the pressure indicator for the air escaping to outside of the hollow fiber membrane, detecting damage to the membrane module.
  4. Chemical washing process
    In case of high differential pressure between membranes, circulating chemicals through inside and outside of the hollow fiber membrane and the equipment to clean, restoring filtration performance.


  1. High clarity of treated water
    Capable of producing treated water of high clarity, regardless of SS concentration in the raw water
  2. High flux operation
    Capable of operating at high flux, thus allowing high volume treatment.
  3. Space saving
    Allowing space-saving installation compared with conventional SS removing process.
  4. Easy installation and system reinforcement
    Skid-mounting adopted allows easy installation and system reinforcement.