Catalytic fabric filters

Regulations have become stricter regarding harmful substances contained in gas emitted from waste incinerators for urban waste, etc. In particular the regulations regarding dioxin emissions have been tightened, and in new facilities, the dioxins must be reduced to 0.1 ng-TEQ/m3N or less in Japan.

A catalytic fabric filter contains a catalytic bag that contains a catalyst that decomposes and removes gaseous dioxins, and its performance for removing dioxins passes the emissions regulations.
Compared to conventional types (catalytic tower, activated carbon adsorption tower, and activated carbon injection), our catalytic fabric filter does not require the installation of a process tower, silo, or injection device, and only a small space is needed for installation.

Dioxin generation and decomposition mechanisms

Dioxin emission standards* (waste incinerator)

Incinerator capacity New incinerator Existing incinerator
Before December 2002
2t/h≦ - <4t/h

* Units: ng-TEQ/m3N or less (when O2 is 12%)

Comparison of catalytic fabric filters with other types

Catalytic fabric filter performance (our results)

Dioxin status and removal rate from emitted gas