Removing ion constituents in the raw water to produce pure water with ion-exchange resin packed in the tower.
Capable of dealing with a wide variety raw water properties and pure water quality by selecting suitable composition of tower and ion-exchange resin.

Demineralizer System Configration

We are able to make suggestions about system according to a wide variety of conditions including application of pure water, quality of raw water, and quality of pure water.

No. Application Method System Qlty. of raw water Qlty. of pure water (Note 1) Vol. of water produced (m3/h)
1 Production of low-purity pure water 2B3T
Total cation 50 - 500ppm EC <5µS/cm
SiO2 <0.2ppm
No limit.
2 Standard deionizer 2B3T + MBP
Total cation 50 - 500ppm EC <1µS/cm
SiO2 <0.02ppm
No limit.
3 For high-ion loading Multi-layered bed 2B3T + MBP
Total cation 150 - 800ppm EC <1µS/cm
SiO2 <0.02ppm
600 -
4 For raw water of high-salinity concentration RO + MBP
Total cation >500ppm EC <1µS/cm
SiO2 <0.02ppm
No limit.
5 For low loading and small vol. of flow MBP
Total cation >50 - 200ppm EC <1µS/cm
SiO2 <0.2ppm
- 1000
Total cation ≤50ppm EC <0.2µS/cm
SiO2 <0.02ppm
6 For laboratories, inspection / analysis, and preparation of chemicals PP
- 5m3/h
  • C/E: Cation-exchange resin tower
  • A/E: Anion-exchange resin tower
  • Deg: Decarbonation, etc.
  • PP: Non-regeneration Ion-exchange equipment
  • RO: Reverse osmosis desalination equipment
  • EC: Electric conductirity

* Numerical values indicated above are for the reference water quality for selection of systems, thus they are subject to change specifically.