Special Electrostatic precipitator

Rotary tube type Electrostatic precipitator

The rotary tube type electrostatic precipitator is used for collecting high-viscosity tar generated from carbon electrode baking furnaces, or from the manufacturing processes of coke, asphalt, or refractory materials, or oil mists generated in the manufacturing processes of rubber, tires, etc.
The dust collecting electrode of the rotary tube type electrostatic precipitator is combined with the outside casing, and is slowly rotated as a rotary kiln. Scrapers installed on the internal surfaces of the tube continuously scrape off the high-viscosity tar that collects on the collecting electrode throughout the whole tube surface.
Therefore, this is suitable for aerosol collection that are difficult to process with conventional dry type Electrostatic precipitator.

Rotary tube type electrostatic precipitator
for electrode baking furnace