MHPS Announces Changes in Executive-level Personnel


YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (March 27, 2018) - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) announced the following executive-level personnel changes effective June 14, 2018.

1. Reappointments to Directors (Note 1)

Name New Title (as of June 14, 2018)
Toshikazu Nishino Chairman of the Board (Director)
Kenji Ando Member of the Board (Director)
Yasuo Fujitani Member of the Board (Director)
Akimasa Muyama Member of the Board (Director)
Nobuo Suzuki Member of the Board (Director)
Yasushi Fukuizumi Member of the Board (Director)

2. Reappointment as Representative Director (Note 2)

Kenji Ando

3. Reappointment to Statutory Auditor (Note 1)

Mutsuo Hiroe

  • 1Subject to approval at the 5th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • 2Subject to approval at the meeting of the Board of Directors following the 5th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.