Additive Manufacturing

AM-Zone is an additive manufacturing showroom where one-stop service is available.

Material production, shaping, characteristic evaluation, consultation.
Provider of one-stop service for additive manufacturing (AM)

All processes ranging from material production to shaping, processing and evaluation are integrated. Each process is enclosed in a container to ensure high levels of airtightness, mobility, independence and confidentiality.

Our product lineup includes various cutting-edge 3D printers that enable the production of 3D objects using high-strength materials.

Powder 3D printer


DED-system metal powder 3D printer
Molding size:φ250 × 300mm
Maximum load capacity:50kg
Features:This product is equipped with a 3D printer featuring a metal powder DED system. It boasts a high deposition accuracy of +/-0.1 mm thanks to the DED system.

Wire-deposition 3D printer


DED-system metal wire 3D printer
Molding size:φ700x300mm
Features:This product is equipped with a 3D printer featuring a metal wire DED system. It is capable of quickly producing parts from an SUS material or nickel-based alloy at a rate of 450 m3/h (3.5 kg/h).

Binder-jetting-system 3D printer

exone inventor+
exone inventor+

Binder-jetting-system metal powder 3D printer
Molding size:65 mm x 65 mm x 160 mm
Re-coater heater:50℃ max., 1.8-kW output
Vacuum-constant temperature drying chamber:Green body/powder drying temperature range of 40 to 200℃
Degree of vacuum: 10 Pa, 2.25-W heater output
Inside dimensions:450 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm
Features: This product is equipped with a binder jetting-system 3D printer and produces and dries green bodies. Since it uses very fine powder (< 25 μm), it results in cleaner surfaces than an ordinary PBF system. The product is compatible with Co-based alloy, Ni-based alloy and Fe-based alloy powders.

Laser powder 3D printer


Bed-system metal powder 3D printer
Molding size: 350 x 350 x 350 mm
Laser output: 500 W, Yb laser, Ar
Molding thickness: 20 to 100 μm, preheating of 200 to 500℃
Features: This product uses a large metal powder bed-system 3D printer and fine powder (< 16 μm) to produce high-precision objects with low surface roughness. It can shape an overhang of 10° or more without any support.

Product finishing machine

hermle C32U
hermle C32U

High-precision 5-axis processing machine
Equipment capacity:Stroke
X axis: 650 mm, Y axis: 650 mm, Z axis: 500 mm, A axis: 0 to ±130°, C axis: 0 to 360°
Repeated positioning accuracy: X-Y-Z axes ≦ 5 μm
Measuring resolution:0.01 μm X/Y/Z
Molding size:φ320 x 228 (H) mm
Features: This product is a simultaneous 5-axis machining centre that uses an automatic tool measuring function for automated correction and measurement of molding dimensions.

We also offer many high-precision evaluation machines to enable quality assurance control of materials and additive-manufactured items.


Advanced analysis/evaluation equipment: FE-SEM electron microscopes (with EDS, EBSD), chemical component ICP emission analysers, LECO oxygen/nitrogen analysers, Macrotack powder grain size distribution analysers, ATOS 3-dimensional shape measuring equipment, tensile testing machines and others