High-Performance Powder

Additive Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Power develops materials that achieves precision shape.

Mitsubishi Power’s powered metal have excellent heat resistance and ductility necessary for additive manufacturing (AM) of heat-resistant, precision parts.


Mitsubishi Power's original material design and metal structure control technology have been used to develop high-temperature, high-strength alloys and high-performance materials that are optimal for AM. It also has high ductility and is ideal as a material for parts that require heat resistance and precision, such as power generation turbines and aircraft engines.

High-Performance Powder


  • High-temperature, high-pressure parts of power generator turbines
  • High-temperature, high-pressure parts of aircraft engines
  • Dies, catalytic materials

Product Lineup

  • High-temperature, high-strength,
    high-fatigue-resistant powder:
  • High-abrasion-resistant powder: MHA3500™
  • Catalytic powder: MHA4000
High-Performance Powder

Features of MHA3300

  • Creep characteristic
    Heat resistance of 900℃ or higher (Note 1)
  • Fatigue characteristic
    Precision cast Alloy 713C (Note 2)
  • Tensile characteristic
    Precision cast Alloy 939 (Note 3)
  • 1900℃, 59 MPa, Life expectancy of 100,000 hours
  • 2Alloy 713C: Nickel-based super-alloy for aircraft moving blades
  • 3Alloy 939: Nickel-based super-alloy for gas turbine stationary vanes

High-temperature acid resistance

  • Equivalent to or better than precision cast Alloy 939

Better high-temperature characteristic than conventional products


Superb room-temperature mechanical characteristics thanks to excellent ductility


Our newly developed powder products offer excellent shaping performance and they can be used by various types of mainstream PBF-system 3D printers.

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