High-Performance Powder

Precise modeling with high heat resistance and high ductility

Manufactured using proprietary materials design and metal structure control technology, our high-performance powders enable precise modeling. Our highly heat-resistant and ductile powder products offer excellent shaping performance and can be applied in various types of mainstream PBF-system 3D printers.


  • Parts for power generator turbines
  • Parts for aircraft engines
  • Dyes and catalytic materials
High-Performance Powder

Product Lineup

Product Feature Examples
MHA3300® High-heat-resistant, high-strength and fatigue-resistant powder
  • Creep characteristics
    • Heat resistance of 900ºC or higher
    • 59MPa
    • Life expectancy of 100,000 hours
  • Fatigue characteristics
    • Precision cast Alloy 713C – Nickel-based super alloy for aircraft moving blades
  • Tensile characteristics
    • Precision cast Alloy 939 – Nickel-based super alloy for gas turbine stationary vanes
  • High-temperature acid resistance
    • Equivalent to or better than precision cast Alloy 939
Gas turbine parts
Gas turbine parts
MHA3500 Abrasion-resistant powder
  • Tensile characteristics
    • 1600MPa Tensile strength at room temerature
    • 1000MPa 0.2%Proof Strength from room temperature to 700ºC
  • Creep characteristics
    • In the high stress range (over 200MPa), higher strength than other commercial powder
  • Fatigue characteristics
    • In the practical stress range, higher strength of high temperature than Precision Cast Alloy 939 - Nickel-based super alloy for gas turbine stationary vanes
  • Stiffness
    • 10% or higher Young’s modulus than IN718 Forged alloy
Automobile parts
Automobile parts
MHA4000 Multi-function powder
  • Catalyst
    • Promising fine uneven surface suitable for both catalyst and catalyst support
  • High specific strength
    • Higher tensile strength and specific strength than commercial forged Aluminum alloy at room temperature


More heat resistant than conventional products


Excellent tensile properties at room temperature