High-Performance Powder Manufacturing Equipment

Specially designed gas nozzle enabling high-precision modeling 

Fine grain powders are critical to ensuring high shape accuracy in AM applications. We use our proprietary AM technologies to create a unique gas nozzle that now lies at the heart of our powder manufacturing equipment.


Small-lot production of micro-fine metal powders such as nickel or cobalt- based heat-resistant alloys as well as powders derived from copper and iron. 

Metal powder

Various mounting furnaces for a range of batch capacities 

  • Dissolution amount of up to 60kg for mass production 
  • Dissolution amount of up to 20kg for R&D and mass production 
  • Dissolution amount of up to 5kg R&D 



  • Improved AM powder yield rates of up to 20% compared to conventional technologies
  • Easier control for grain size distribution  
  • Compact equipment size for easy cleaning