High-performance powder manufacturing equipment for additive manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Power’s gas nozzle achieves high-precision modeling.

Fine grain size powder is critical for ensuring high shape accuracy in AM applications. Mitsubishi Power has applied the AM technology to create a unique structure for the gas nozzle, the heart of its powder manufacturing equipment, thus improving fine powder yield.


The unique structure of the gas nozzle, the heart of AM metal powder manufacturing equipment, has reduced powder grain size and improved powder yield rates.


Small-lot production of micro-fine metal powders such as Ni/Co-based heat-resistant alloys, Cu-based powders and Fe-based powders.

Product Lineup

  • Dissolution amount of 60 kg
  • Dissolution amount of 20 kg
  • Dissolution amount of 5 kg

Mitsubishi Power’s high-performance nozzle technologies utilised in the development of improves powder yield rates and machine performance


High-performance nozzle for dramatically improved equipment function

  • Improved equipment performance thanks to the newly developed high-performance nozzle
  • Improved AM powder yield rates
  • Easier control of grain size distribution
  • Compact equipment size for easy cleaning

About 20% higher yield rates than conventional technology!