Additive Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Power’s Leading Solution for Durable Materials Design
Additive Manufacturing

Driving innovation and performance

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a revolutionary manufacturing method that uses laminated modeling technology for 3D printing. The method temporarily melts metal powder with a laser beam, cools the material and deposits the next layer of material to form highly accurate models based on 3D structural drawings.

Leveraging our deep expertise in materials technology cultivated through our gas turbine R&D, Mitsubishi Power has developed proprietary systems to produce high-performance powder materials optimized for AM applications.

Our spectrum of AM technologies can help customers efficiently fabricate durable products that will enable innovation and enhanced performance in their respective industries.

Mitsubishi Power’s Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Product Lineup

High-performance powder

Enabling precise modeling using powders with high heat resistance and high ductility


Our AM-Zone®, located at our Hitachi Works facility in Ibaraki Prefecture, is the world’s only factory that provides one-stop services for various AM functions, including molding, characteristic evaluation and consulting.