Additive Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Power’ Additive Manufacturing Business
Additive Manufacturing

Creating new value and giving new shapes

Production of materials optimised for additive manufacturing.
Original technology developed for the manufacture of high-strength wire.

Additive manufacturing (AM) refers to a new style of manufacturing which uses a laminated modeling technology such as 3D printing technology. AM is said to have a significant impact on the future of manufacturing. The mechanism temporarily melts the metal powder or wire with a laser beam, cools the material, and deposits the next material layer to form a highly accurate model based on the 3D structural drawing. 

Mitsubishi Power has developed high-performance powders that is optimised for AM applications and has achieved improved shape accuracy than was previously available. Armed with the material technology accumulated and cultivated through our gas turbine business. We have created a value-added product’s organization to focused on the development powder materials to the final products, centering on the material technology enabling us to realize faster molding than before with our unique wire manufacturing technology.


Product Lineup


We provide one-stop services for material manufacturing, molding, characteristic evaluation, and consulting.

We provide superior technologies and systems from AM material manufacturing to finished products, and you can experience our technologies and services such as materials, molding and evaluation and consulting services.