DIASYS Netmation


All elements related to plant control including design, operation, monitoring, maintenance and backups are controlled using computers and communications technologies.

With DIASYS Netmation, devices can be selected based on system size to develop an optimum system configuration.


Features of DIASYS Netmation

  • High reliability
    High reliability achieved through thorough design theory and a stringent quality control system integrates main plant equipment to provide comprehensive support.
  • Advanced control functions
    32-Bit processors, high-speed networks and extensive process I/O modules demonstrate excellent controllability.
  • Excellent operability
    The ergonomically designed human interface provides a comfortable operating environment for users.
  • Easy maintenance
    Thanks to the superior user interface of the ORCA-View maintenance software, dramatic improvements are made to operability during maintenance management.
  • Flexibility and expandability
    From small to large-scale systems, a wide range of applications are supported regardless of size, and system expansion in the future is also a simple matter.

Control Equipment that Makes Up DIASYS Netmation

  • Multiple Process Station (MPS)

    This control equipment performs plant control operation and site ON/OFF control.

  • Compact Process Station (CPS)

    This control equipment is used for I/O with instruments and other equipment installed on-site at the plant, automated plant control, and various computational processing.