MHPS Receives Order for 7-Year Long-Term Parts Management and Services for Germencik Geothermal Power Plant in Turkey


・ Agreement applies to 2 units driven by MHPS-supplied 47.5MW steam turbines
・ Order reflects high esteem for quality and expertise of MHPS Nagasaki Works and strong proposal made by European service division


YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (July 4, 2018) - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) has received an order from Gurmat Electric Generation Co. Inc. (Gurmat), an independent power producer (IPP) in Turkey, for long-term parts management and services at the Germencik Geothermal Power Plant. The agreement was concluded on July 2, applying to two power generating facilities each driven by an MHPS 47.5 megawatt (MW) steam turbine. The newly received order is testament to the trust placed in MHPS' geothermal technologies.

Gurmat is the biggest geothermal power plants operator and investor in Turkey with a total operating capacity of 185 MW and power plants with a capacity factor of more than 95% and 99.85% availability. Gurmat is also currently developing 160 MW in new capacity from geothermal power plants. The Germencik Geothermal Power Plant is located in the city of Aydin, some 60km southeast of Izmir, Turkey's third-largest city situated beside the Aegean Sea. The plant comprises two units: Galip Hoca (Unit 1) and Efe-1 (Unit 2), which went into commercial operation in 2009 and 2015, respectively. MHPS supplied the steam turbines, manufactured at the Nagasaki Works, for both units. The generators were made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

The newly signed agreement, which was concluded through MHPS' European subsidiary, initially covers a period of seven years. Under the agreement, MHPS will support parts management and services at the Germencik plant, including the dispatch of engineers. The order was received based upon two significant factors; the high regard for the exceptional expertise driving high quality products at the MHPS Nagasaki works and the strong servicing proposal including senior engineering staff from the European division. In 2016, a major overhaul, conducted by the European servicing team, clearly established to Gurmat Electric Generation that the MHPS servicing capabilities are quality led and time driven. Receipt of the new order constitutes an epoch-making milestone in MHPS' servicing of geothermal power plants.

In geothermal power generation, hot water deriving from magma deep below the earth's surface is extracted as steam which is used to drive a turbine. Among the various forms of renewable energy that emit negligible carbon dioxide during power generation, geothermal power can be generated stably, 24 hours a day, with virtually no impact from weather or other factors. For this reason, geothermal power is a clean form of energy that is expected to see expanding application in countries and regions abundant in geothermal resources.

MHPS has a robust track record in geothermal power generation with more than 100 orders taken to date in 13 countries, with a collective generating capacity exceeding 3,000MW. This places MHPS squarely among the world's top suppliers of geothermal power systems.

Going forward, MHPS will continue to offer geothermal power generating equipment and facilities to prospective customers worldwide, contributing to the growth of low-carbon power generation.

Germencik Geothermal Power Plant
Germencik Geothermal Power Plant