Gas Turbines


Service Program with Advanced Technology

The latest gas turbine model Mitsubishi Power developed independently has a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including component technologies developed in the Japanese national project for the next-generation gas turbine.

By applying these advanced technologies to existing machines as a service program and upgrading them, it becomes possible to improve operability, performance, maintainability, and reliability of existing plants.

Moreover, not only on advanced technologies, but we are working on a technology evolution as well through by feedback from its abundant experience on actual equipment as a gas turbine manufacturer.

Advanced Technology

Solutions to Improve Thermal Efficiency

We achieve competitiveness improvements for in-service plants by supplying upgrade programs such as applying advanced technologies used in the newest type gas turbine.

M701F-series: Gas Turbine with the Latest Technologies

The upgrade program for the M701F series can achieve a 1.5% heat rate improvement by applying the newest J series gas turbine technologies.

Moreover, the small/medium-sized Gas Turbine, H-25 series gas turbine can be equipped with the newest turbine parts to achieve a 2% heat rate improvement.

Thermal Efficiency

Solutions to Improve Availability

We offer technical services for improving power plant availability. These include:

  • · Shortening inspection outage duration by maintenance-friendly product design
  • · Providing highly reliable products with the latest technologies applied
  • · Maintenance optimization such as extension of inspection interval and diagnostic analysis of operating conditions
  • · Early predictive detection using remote monitoring service to reduce forced outage Statistics by a third-party organization show that the reliability of our gas turbines is more than 99%, which is higher than the industry average.
  • Source: Strategic Power Systems, Inc.® (SPS)
    Advanced Technology, Values Based on "Simple Cycle Plant" (July. 2012 – June. 2017)
Operation Monitoring Diagnosis Service

Solutions to Improve Plant Operability

Due to an increase in renewable energy, more flexible operations are required for gas turbine combined cycle power generation.

We have developed various programs in response to market needs, such as reduced gas turbine start-up time, improved load change rate, reduced downtime, optimized restart time, and turn down to enable operation at lower load while improving emission . In a double-shaft type gas turbine, we provide a solution that can respond to further improvements in operability, such as achieving a load change rate of 25% per minute.

Plant Operability
Stabilization of Operation

Solutions for Power Augmentation

Mitsubishi Power provides solutions to respond to the increase in output of existing GTCC units in responding to changes in market and economic situations. As distinctive technologies, we offer a wide lineup of services, including water/ steam injection, inlet air cooling systems such as fogging systems, evaporative coolers and chillers, change maximum degree of IGV and upgrade of compressor to increase working air. We analyze conditions such as economy and site conditions for each power plant and meet various market needs by offering the best options for each.

Power Augmentation
Wide Range of Service Upgrade Program
to Meet Customers' Needs

Care Program for Gas Turbine Power Plant Control Systems

We provide the most suitable control of power generation facilities by providing our latest IT-based control system (DIASYS Netmation).

The long-term maintenance service "Netmation Care Program" includes emergency parts delivery, technical advisor dispatch, and more.

In addition, by partially updating the control system "Netmation" to extend its life, highly reliable plant control can be maintained for a longer time.

Moreover, we provide training in the operation of Netmation.

Gas Turbine Power Plant Control Systems
DIASYS Netmation Training

Variety of Communication Channels to Provide Service Information

We offer a variety of communication channels for better communication with customers and provide technical information in a timely manner for gas turbine users.

we support customers' efficient plant operations and maintenance through the publication of new service technologies, user seminars for customers to share operation-related issues, online seminars through website "Webinars," and information updates on the customer portal website.

Provide Service Information