GAC-series Gas Turbine Commercial Unit Surpasses 8,000 Cumulative Hours in Operation in a GTCC Power Plant Application in Japan

G-series Gas Turbine
G-series Gas Turbine

Yokohama, February 3, 2015 -- Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) has again demonstrated the high reliability of its GAC-series gas turbine with a commercial unit surpassing 8,000 hours of cumulative operating time in a Japanese gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power generation system. Orders for the company's GAC gas turbines are expanding customers in all over the world.

GAC-series gas turbine is one of MHPS's mainstay product lineups, together with the J-series model. Exceeding 8,000 hours of cumulative operation is widely taken as a benchmark for demonstrating a gas turbine's reliability, and now that a unit from the GAC lineup has passed this hurdle in a commercial application, MHPS expects even more robust demand for its gas turbine offerings.

The GAC series of gas turbines was launched into the market in 2009, and as the series has gained a reputation for outstanding efficiency and reliability, orders have steadily expanded. To date MHPS has received orders for a total of 27 units: 15 for delivery to U.S. customers, 4 for Canada, 3 for Korea and 5 for Japan. Demand has been especially strong from major utilities in North America, which account for more than half of all GAC-series gas turbines ordered to date, including 4 units ordered in the second half of 2014. The GAC series is also produced under license by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction in Korea, total orders to date, including licensed units, reach 33.

The GAC series is environmentally compatible gas turbines capable of flexible operation. In addition to responding to power demand efficiently and fully, it also helps resolve environmental issues. The turbine can start up quickly, and in the case of simple cycle power generation, within 10 minutes the GAC-series model can operate at 270 megawatts (MW) with higher than 39 percent efficiency (LHV). With a GTCC system consists of two GAC-series gas turbines and one steam turbine, within 30 minutes after start-up the system can provide more than 800 MW of power with greater than 59 percent efficiency (LHV). It is this shorter start-up time and outstanding operating efficiency that contribute significantly to reducing environmental loads and boosting operating economy. For this reason the GAC turbine is well suited for the needs of cyclic operation such as daily start-ups and stops, etc.

GAC-series gas turbine also features ramping rate over 50 MW per minute, which enables a flexible operation and rapid response to load change due to change in power supply from renewable energy.

The G-series gas turbines, including the GAC model, have a track record of some 20 years tracing back to the start of operation of the very first unit in 1997, with over 2.6 million cumulative hours of operation. This record is longer than those of any other gas turbines in this output class.

Going forward, MHPS will continue making solution proposals optimally matching the diverse needs of the thermal power system market, as its way of responsibly contributing to the environmentally harmonious development of countries and regions everywhere.

(Typical performance of M501GAC gas turbine)

Model M501GAC
Turbine Inlet Temperature 1500 degree Celsius
Turbine Speed 3600rpm
ISO Base Rating (Note) 276MW
Plant Output (Note) 412MW
Plant Efficiency (LHV) (Note) 59.5%
Pressure Ratio 20 with 17 stages compressor
Number of Combustors 16 cans
Features of Turbine 1st~3rd blade & vane : air cooled
  • defined at ISO reference conditions, generator terminals and natural gas fuel.
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