Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems "MHPS-TOMONI" Unlocks the Advantages of Digital Power Plants by Leveraging Customer Collaboration -- MHPS-TOMONI: Working Together to Power a Brighter Future --


Yokohama, Japan, March 9, 2017 -- Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has unveiled "MHPS-TOMONI", a revolutionary new digital solutions platform that finds ways to optimize power plant operations, based on a collaborative and 'customer first' approach.

MHPS-TOMONI is a comprehensive family of digital solutions tailored to fit each customer's priorities at the power plants they operate. It maximizes the advantages of today's highly digitized power plants by emphasizing collaboration between OEM and plant operator, recognizing the need for expert human insights to boost efficiency and reliability, optimize O&M costs, and enhance environmental performance.

"MHPS-TOMONI harnesses big data, sophisticated analytics and human insights, working collaboratively with customers, to solve a complex puzzle, enabling a new level of power plant optimization and operational flexibility critical in today's energy market," said Kenji Ando, President and CEO of MHPS, Ltd. "At MHPS we strongly value customers, partners and society. MHPS-TOMONI mirrors this outlook by providing digital solutions and human insights that lower the cost of electricity and benefit the environment," he added.

Derived from the decades of innovative technology, in-house O&M know-how, total plant knowledge, and customer partnerships, MHPS-TOMONI was specifically created for the power industry and is focused on providing complete solutions by working together with customers.

MHPS has teamed with trusted partners around the globe to enhance the MHPS-TOMONI platform with applications that will further increase customer value, harnessing big data to enhance plant performance, improve availability, and meet key performance metrics that are critical to driving success.

"MHPS-TOMONI reflects MHPS's unique position among turbine OEMs. We value close partnerships with customers and recognize that this trust has helped us achieve record setting performance when it comes to the efficiency and reliability," Ando said. "We've been working hand-in-hand with customers for several decades to enhance technology and share knowledge. This spirit is carried through in MHPS-TOMONI (which literally means 'Together With') and reflects how collaboration benefits our company, our customers and energy users around the globe. The initiative is an important step as we seek to build the cognitive power plant of the future."

MHPS has been pioneering digital technology application since the early 1980s when it introduced advanced boiler combustion management systems. This was followed by application of early AI/Expert Systems in 1987 and machinery health monitoring systems for turbine generator shaft systems in the early 1990s. System-level implementation of power plant data acquisition and digitization began in 1997 when MHPS commissioned the T-Point power plant at the Takasago Works in Japan, a fully operational gas turbine combined cycle power plant that supplies energy to the commercial grid. MHPS created its first remote monitoring and diagnostics center in 1999, recognizing the importance of customer collaboration in using plant performance data, not just as a measure of energy output, but also as a tool to shape future gains in reliability and availability.

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